HD DVD could win big this Christmas

Toshiba's HD DVD format could emerge the surprise winner from this year's Christmas sales - sales that are seen as crucial to the long-term survival of both HD DVD and its arch-rival Blu-ray.

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg says HD DVD could make strong inroads in the US thanks to cheap player prices, a strong line-up of titles - including Heroes and Star Trek box sets - as well as a crises of confidence in the Blu-ray camp.

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Multigamer4921d ago

as i sed in a previous post, im getting the hd-dvd add on and i know a few people with 360's who are also getting it.

this war is not over yet

The Brave 14921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

The war is not over,however in my opinion hd dvd is hanging around as long as they can.I mean lets be serious!Hd dvd win this christmas?yeah and MGS4 is coming out this year.Just because a big guy said it doesnt mean its true.Fact is Blu-ray is killing hd dvd where it counts.That would be disks sales.And did he say loss of confidence?Lets see-Spiderman Trilogy,POTC:AWE,Die Hard series,The simpons,Superbad,Ratatouille,D isney pictures,sony pictures,the list goes on and on!If this means loss of confidence by the Blu-ray camp,then hd dvd is in for a (Ravashing Rick)rude awakening. some bubbles please?!

sonarus4921d ago

in my opinion it all boils dwn to better advertising. most of the big titles this yr are on blu ray all you gotta do is let the consumer knw cus the avg consumer is still quite clueless. On the other hand the recent hd-dvd firesale has caught consumers attention. bluray players need to find their way down to at least 350 to better compete with hd-dvd. toshiba is willing to sell at a loss blu ray association should consider this too

marinelife94921d ago

The funny thing is that I have owned a DVD player for years now and I've only bought a few movies. I rented 99.9% of the movies I watched on it. I've already bought more Blu-Ray movies than DVD movies because of the hi-def aspect. When I had a DVD player it was on a standard def tv anyway so I couldn't see much difference in picture quality.

vasilisk4921d ago

If you want to get a HD-DVD player just buy a Toshiba one and not the Microsoft add on which is definitely the worst HD player in the market right now (including blu-ray and hd-dvd players). You can get a far more better hardware with the same amount of money, no need to get that crappy add on. Every reviewer on the planet said that it's picture quality for a HD player is unacceptable...
Look at it this way also. If your 360 get the rrod, you could still watch HD movies until they get it replaced...

marinelife94921d ago

How much do you think Toshiba will have to pay Warner to go HD-DVD exclusive if they had to pay Paramount 150 million. And for how long would Warner go exclusive. I'm thinking 300 million for 12 months. That'll be just enough to make Paramount pissed.

dragunrising4921d ago

The HD DVD player for the 360 is not a bad player. I have not read a single negative review for it. The picture quality is as good or better than my new stand alone Toshiba player. The only thing I would caution people about in regards to it was that I "believe" it gave my console the RROD. The HD DVD player is very hardware intensive on the console. I would recommend everyone to pass on the add on and get a stand alone.

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Says you4921d ago

The movies to support it you would be a joke if you believe that and if they keep cutting it any lower how the h3ll!? are they suppose to make money out of it if they keep cutting the damn! thing there not going to win anything so keep posting lies that is not even close to being true.

JOLLY14921d ago

It doesn't have studios support? I know Disney and sony are large studios, but compared to Universal and Paramount they are quite small. If you look at all the movies that come out per year, between both companies, Paramount alone puts out more than both blu-ray studios. I think you should rethink your comment.

Snukadaman4921d ago

but in the long run you imagine either blu-ray or hd-dvd wins and everyone switches too that format entirely..then you will understand why those 99 dollar players are a investment.

enzobot244921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Disney is the largest exclusive format studio, my friend. Warner Bros. is the largest entertainment corporation in the world - but they are format neutral.

Here's a list of Disney's major subsidiary film and entertainment studios.

Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone, Miramax, Dimensions (all the films released before Weinstein split in late 2005), ABC television, Pixar, and Hollywood Pictures.

And anyone that thinks Sony or Disney are smaller than Universal or Paramount is pretty ignorant... they are all comparable in size.

PS3 Limps on and on4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

The bright side of things for HD DVD is that it could win big this Christmas, the bad side is that it could loose big this Christmas. Nobody knows for sure.

dale14921d ago

don,t advise the 360 add on it causes the 360 to get hotter than normal could r.r.o.d on you and thats christmas without your console you,ve been warned

hitthegspot4921d ago

Just get a fan and you will not have any issues...

dragunrising4921d ago

I agree with the increased RROD susceptibility with the add-on. The console gets extremely hot. My console started to experience artifacts and streaking after a period of only 2 weeks...than it died. I've vowed never to buy one again. Anyone worried about your console overheating, buy a laptop cooler. I have the Antec laptop cooler $49.00 in stores ($25 on eBay) and my 360 is reasonable cool. No more worries:)