PSX Extreme Give Assassin's Creed: 9.1

Earlier this year, Ubisoft treated the gaming world to one of the most impressive trailers anybody had ever seen. Considering the big-name franchises continue to garner most of the attention in this industry, it was exciting to hear about a title that didn't seem to fit into any given mold.

PSX couldn't lump it into the straightforward action genre with Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, it wasn't "stealth" enough to fit in with Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid, and the open-ended sandbox style wasn't quite as freedom-oriented as Grand Theft Auto. Toss in a cohesive and engaging story, significant platforming, role-playing and adventure elements, and you've got one intriguing interactive experience.

So now that Ubisoft's grand vision has finally arrived, what exactly is this game?

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lonestarmt4921d ago

lol I like this review especially the last paragraph. lol.

monkey6024921d ago

I like this review (mainly because it makes me feel good about buying this game tomorrow :D ) but I dont think any review is oing to change my judgement of this one.

Vulcan Raven4921d ago

I was just looking over the game and on the back it says 1080i and 1080p for the 360. anyone know why? Either way im going to get it, i got COD4 yesterday and the online is awesome!

picker3324921d ago

It got delayed for me,but hopefully it will be on my desk tomorrow!