Harrison: No "Imminent" Plans for New DS

Nintendo of America marketing exec George Harrison tells Next-Gen that a rumored redesigned DS isn't in the company's immediate future.

"We don't have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the Nintendo DS," said Harrison in a phone interview Thursday. "The product is still selling extremely well around the world."

Harrison's comments come in the wake of a report from Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson, who said this week that a DS redesign is "complete," citing unnamed contacts. The purported DS redesign would be the second major overhaul for Nintendo's hot-selling handheld.

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The WildAttorney4924d ago

Don't buy into Nintendo's lies! George Harrison is dead!

PS360WII4924d ago

Yea this is a no brainier. When it's usually the top selling in all territories every week there is little need to boost the appeal of the system. Once the DS starts to slip to maybe 4th then we might see the new one but until then I wouldn't hold your breath.

bym051d4924d ago

I wish they'd release a DS (or an update for current DS) that allows use of WPA instead of just crappy old WEP.

Darkiewonder4924d ago

and stop making the buttons smaller. That's why i really don't like Handhelds [psp slim cramping me up because buttons are so close and badly placed]

anyways. lawlz. Slightly wider DS with a few tweaks of the buttons moved around would be swell. Thanks nintendo.

predator4924d ago

just bought the missis a pink ds, shes 21 and wants one, cant get over it

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