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Thanks to expertly implemented controls and tons of goofy situations, The Gunstringer is a rollicking adventure in the Old West.

The Good
Supremely fun motion controls Insightful and funny narrator Live-action clips are hilarious Tons of unlockables The Wavy Man Tube Chronicles is an amazing bonus.

The Bad
Controls don't always register like they should A few gameplay sequences fall flat.

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JellyJelly2716d ago

The demo was short but surprisingly fun. Seems like a solid Kinect title.

IM_A_NINJA2716d ago

Great score. This game is a lot of fun and comes with a lot of content for only $40. Glad to see it's scoring so very well. There really is nothing else like this out on the market. Kinect is starting to hit a nice stride where software is concerned.

vikingland12716d ago

I tried the demo and didn't really like it.I love friut Ninja though .