Forza 4 Demo Set For Tomorrow?

There are some good reasons, that Microsoft will release a demo of Forza 4 tomorrow.

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JellyJelly2714d ago

I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind AT ALL. :)

The Meerkat2714d ago

It would help pass the time.
I need a distraction to stop me thinking about Sept 20th!

falviousuk2713d ago

Download the Ace combat demo and play that, Get Dead Island and play that (brilliant game despite some of the reviews), get Gunstringer and play that to hell and back. Plenty of stuff to keep you going till the 20th. Particularly Dead Island, thats a big game.

enjoy and happy gaming whichever platform you choose

JellyJelly2713d ago

Good tips!

I'm playing Deus Ex atm and let me tell you that game is so immersive I always end up playing it for far too long. Best stealth game since Metal Gear Solid and one of the best games I've played for the last ten years or so.

That_Genius2711d ago

So apparently this didn't happen unless I missed something. Hopefully they do release a demo soon though.