Universe at War: Earth Assault Demo Released

Newly available at FileShack is a demo for Universe at War: Earth Assault, the upcoming sci-fi RTS game from Star Wars: Empire at War developer Petroglpyh. The 1.2 GB download includes a tutorial and the first two missions from the Hierarchy campaign.

The PC version of Universe at War: Earth Assault is expected in stores next month, with an Xbox 360 release following early next year.

Download mirrors are listed below at the Alternative Sources.

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MK_Red4961d ago

The 3 factions of this game are really unique. I specially like the Hierarchy big walkers and energy transports of Novus. It's really funny and cool that humans are almost useless and defeated in the game. Hope they release the 360 version soon.

JsonHenry4960d ago

Isn't this the game made by a large number of the original Command and Conquer westwood studio team?

Skerj4960d ago

I'd actually get it if I could install it without Windows Live, but since I can't I'll stick to Dawn of War. You're right though Mart the factions are pretty awesome in this game.