Top Professional Players Talk Halo 3 (OGRE 2/Ghostyame)

OGRE 2 and Ghostayame sat down with MLG to talk about their initial Halo 3 impressions. While enjoying the change, they both had mixed reviews of the game but see a competitive future for it.

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highps34927d ago

We all said it, 360 fans argued but Halo 3 sucked. Sucks even more that it sold as much as it did.

nobizlikesnowbiz4927d ago

It sucks that a game that you hate sold so much, taking a huge dump on your pathetic dreams?

TheSadTruth4927d ago

I'm probably the biggest Halo 3 fanboy here. I got level 50 very fast and am a huge fan of the halo series... but the game is not as good as it could have been. Bungie failed imo. I don't see myself playing it anymore now that I've done everything there is to do with it, unless they add a custom games browser or release some decent ****ing maps.

FirstknighT4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

your wrong. I'm the biggest Halo fan in here. ;)

And Halo 3 gets an easy 10 from me. Level 50 is not that hard to get. I find a level 50 in halo 3 is equal to a level 35 in halo 2. But the weapon balance, equipment, saved features, ROCKET RACE!!!, competitive coop, etc... this game is easily the best Halo.

TheSadTruth4927d ago

well I guess if you like competition (like me), you will find the dumbed down gameplay not as fun as Halo 2

and I never said level 50 was hard to get

That's why i'm playing CoD 4 until they get their act together

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fopums4927d ago

lulz at pic, the booth babe seems over joyed to be there xD

wangdiddy824927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

whats wrong with her?? Looks cracked out or just really bored..

Anyway this guy speaks a lot of truth about halo 3 not being much different and even worse than halo 2.. This guy should know more than all of us because all he does is play halo all day long.. I dont know why people cant see this or they must be in denial.. Halo 3 was a good game but it fell short on all aspects on being a great game..

dexterwang4927d ago

"Ogre 2: To be honest, Halo 3 isn’t a whole lot different from Halo 2. I was a little bit disappointed because of this. Going from Halo 1 to Halo 2 was a huge change, because the games are almost nothing alike when it comes to game play. Switching from Halo 2 to Halo 3, there are just new maps and a few new weapons is all that really feels different."

I'm not dissing halo3 as i have it and its a good game. But criticism of it is not unwarranted... the graphics are nice and the gameplay still kicks ass, BUT its essentially the same game and halo2, just better graphics. Agreed with ogre2

Xi4927d ago

i find halo 3 plays very diffrerntly from halo 2, specially with the lack of the plasma pistol and less dual wielding.

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