Xboxer360 - Gears of War: The evolution of multiplayer

The second day of's Gears of War features is written by Dave Burns "Gears of War can be considered as a ‘Marmite’ game for most online gamers, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. There is no middle ground and if there was then it would surely be littered with limbs, guts and skull fragments of the players that tried and failed to see GoW for all of its beauty."

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ECM0NEY2711d ago

"every update past the first update has to be paid for by the developer"

I didnt know that. Thats a good thing, gives a little more incentive to release complete/polished games.

I hope Epic learned their lesson for life. I remember for like the 1st week you couldnt even blind fire the shotgun. It would just shoot the ground right in front of you.

acheashadow2711d ago

That's why so many games don't get more than one update even though its needed.

And as for Gears 3 working on launch I can confirm its runs like a dream :)

JeffGUNZ2711d ago

The game i am sure is perfect, I just hope the beta really helped EPIC with the dedicated servers. I really hope they have enough and I really hope they don't crash.