Do complex games face an uncertain future on the Wii?

From Nintendo Wii Fanboy:

"During its first four days on sale in the US, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure sold approximately 30,000 copies. A week later, it had added 15,000 to that total. Hardly breakthrough figures in a nation with over 3.7 million Wiis in bedrooms and living rooms...There's no doubt about it: Capcom's splendid piratey adventure has, as much as it saddens us, flopped...Super Mario Galaxy, another hardcore favorite, was released in Japan last week, and immediately leapt to the top of the charts, selling 251,000 copies in its first full week of sale. That makes it far more successful than poor old Zack and Wiki, but let's not forget that the casual gamer-friendly Mario Party 8 had even greater first week sales (265,000). In such a scenario, the message being sent to publishers is loud and clear: more party, less epic..."

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the worst4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

haha that what Capcom gets
just because the wii sold 13 plus million
doesn't mean people are going 2 run out
and buy any game
i had a wii since day 1
and only picked up 4 wii games
zelda,super mario galaxy,dragon ball z 2and 3
and really not looking 2 buy any thing else
capcom needs focus on some next-gen games
thats where the real players are at

(reply)Monster Hunter 3 will fail on the wii too
games dont look good on the wii
i have 52in. 1080p tv
i love games in hd
so not going 2 buy games on the wii
plus i dont care about 3rd parties on the wii
i like nintendo 2 do nintendo games

ChickeyCantor4922d ago

games dont look good on the wii
i have 52in. 1080p tv " games dont look gooed on your TV.
Games look fine on a SD tv.

PS360WII4921d ago

I can't understand that argument. I have a 42in 1080p plasma TV and I play all my games on there. My eyes don't bleed when playing the Wii nor when I'm playing the VC games. Sure I'll see some cool stuff when playing on the 360 or PS3 but I don't feel gawd awful when I pop in a Wii game. It looks good and does not feel like I should throw that console away. So there you go. Theory tested and untrue.

PS360WII4922d ago

Zack & Wiki is a great game I just haven't seen any marketing for it what-so-ever. I don't think the average Wii owner even knows the game exists. Plus I think they are happy with the way RE4 sold on the Wii and are looking at RE:UC as a seller and the anticipated Monster Hunter 3 as the big game that they will promote. Just wish Nintendo would help some a bit for all they do is promote their own games. I can understand why, but throw the love out a bit Nintendo. You want more 3rd parties to make good games you need to help them.

wiizy4922d ago

those games will definetly work cause even casual gamers will try more complex game. mario galaxy will help them transition just fine..

MK_Red4922d ago

Shame on all Wii owners that didn't buy Zack & Wiki. It's shaping up to be another tragedy of a masterpiece not selling well on a popular system (Psychonauts came for PS2, Xbox and PC...) while games like Wii Play sell like hot chocolate on said system.
I really find it sad that games like Smackdown Vs Raw, Madden, NFS and rest of yearly updates sell millions while really good and originals like Psychonauts, Okami and Z&W bomb commercially. Shame on everyone who didn't buy those gems.

+Nice find.

Prismo_Fillusion4922d ago

It is sad. :/
But luckily I bought Z&W for myself last week, and I'm buying another copy for my brother for the holidays (using my $25 Toys R Us mario galaxy gift card of course!). We all just need to buy two copies, obviously.

DeckUKold4922d ago

if you have so many games on your mind and renewing your xboxlive account how can i get the money to buy this game

DeckUKold4922d ago

advertise they're wii games on tv thats what makes third party hard to sell they need to stop some focus on ps360 advertisements and show people theres good wii games they're making themselves fail don't they have a marketing scheme before they ship the game

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