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PS Vita’s real TGS headline – The Genius of Pre-pay 3G

You may have all been hanging on the date, but Vita’s pre-pay system was Sony’s real TGS bombshell. Patrick Garratt explains how the move assures Sony’s next gen handheld longevity and competitiveness in a space occupied by Apple and Google.

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Community2747d ago
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FredEffinChopin2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I did not see this coming at all. Things are certainly looking promising for Vita.

mr_epsym_knird2748d ago

Well, prepaid is going to work well if you are a casual gamer or even hardcore gamer. The thing I like with prepaid is even if would be costlier than postpaid in a monthly setting, You won't be bound by any contract and it gives you more control.

callahan092747d ago

It's a great idea, except: Why is the 100 hour pre-paid card more expensive than the 20 hour, per hour? It's 5 times the hours, so it should cost at maximum 5 * 480 = 4900 yen, which would make it not even a bargain or discount at all for buying in bulk, just an even per-hour price but two different quantities you can buy. Instead, it costs 4980 yen. Which means it would be 80 yen cheaper to buy 5 20-hour cards than it is to buy a single 100-hour card. I don't understand the business logic behind that at all. Usually you get a discount for buying in bulk, not a price increase per item.

mr_epsym_knird2747d ago

I can't understand japanese but I think I read 100 hour plan means a more faster connection than the 20 hour plan.

LightofDarkness2747d ago

3G only goes one speed, and even then your speed depends on the strength of the signal, so no.

kcuthbertson2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Not true, bandwidth can definitely be limited. 3G isn't a universal speed, it's a technology, it can vary big time.

LightofDarkness2747d ago

Yes, it varies by region, but they don't throttle your speed based on the user.

And my point was that it would be very stupid for Sony to promise faster 3G access when most of the time you are nowhere near the maximum speed because your signal sucks.

farhad2k82747d ago

callahan09, that was just a conversion, it doesn't mean that will be the price.
The VITA will cost $300 in the US, that means it should only be around £170 in the UK, but it's £230. It's always been like that.

callahan092747d ago

No, I'm talking about the actual slide that Sony showed onscreen at the presentation, it clearly says, in Japanese, that the 20-hour plan is 980 YEN and the 100-hour plan is 4980 YEN. Not talking about U.S. dollars, talking about the actual announced price in Japan in YEN.

Knushwood Butt2747d ago

The 20 hour card is only valid for 30 days of use.

The 100 hour card is valid for 180 days of use.

Dunno why that makes it a shade more expensive, but you are getting an extra 30 days of potential use with the 100 hour card.

farhad2k82747d ago

So if the 100 hours run out, you're done?
If I watch 2 hours of youtube on a day on the train ride to and from my destination, I can only use it for 50 days?

Knushwood Butt2747d ago

Presumably if you use it for 100 hours, as long as it is within 180 days, then it is done.

However, the detail I saw said the 100 hours card is actually valid for 103 hours....

Once it runs out, you buy a new one if necessary.

MasterCornholio2747d ago

That is actually a good idea. But so far this has only has only been announced for japan i hope other regions have similar plans.

LightofDarkness2747d ago

It's a pretty good idea, but convincing people to buy phone credit AND data allowance for their phone AND data allowance for their Vita may be more of a challenge than they think.

It would be better if they could link your phone and Vita data allowance together, this would make more sense in the minds of general consumers (who seem to be easily confused by relatively simple ideas like these).

Still, I'm very interested in the Vita and will likely be picking one up either at launch or a short time afterwards (early adopters are often stung, after all). I picked up my PS3 about a month after launch and haven't regretted it at all, so here's hoping!

Ddouble2747d ago

People pay for XBox Live and PS+ so it won't be new for some.
The good aspect about this is that you can alwyas try it and see if it's to your liking but i also agree with you that it would also be good if you can tie it with your phone bill as well.

I wanted a pay as you go solution to start of with instead of diving into a contract so this is good news for me.

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