Unreal Tournament 3 World Record Created At European Launch Party

For Holland native Frederiek van Gammeren (aka Frantic), the UT3 launch party at Omega Sektor was a night to remember.

Racking up 131 kills in half an hour, Frantic took the Guinness World Record for the most kills in a 30-minute deathmatch in UT3. The first official UT3 tournament in Europe saw Epic's Mark Rein, game journalists and top ranked players get together for a massive fragfest, as Stuart Remnant walked away with a high end SCAN PC and Mark Rein confirmed the November 23rd European release date for the game.

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OOG FunK4932d ago

to bad someone like Fatality would rip him apart.... lol

CRIMS0N_W0LF4932d ago

Anyway More stuff to buy in November =.= UT3...I'm broke

bourner4932d ago

man thats a lot of kills . fatality all the way

Skerj4932d ago

Damn that's a lot of fragging, I can't wait until next week!! Oh but I hate that Darkwalker I hope we can turn it off or I'll just keep trying to sabotage it.