Sony Pre-TGS Conference: Vita News!

Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show conference has just finished, and right away Sony announced red and blue versions of the PS3 and PSP… in Japan that is.

The focus at this show was primarily the PSVita and what it can do. Sony has announced a December 17th Launch date for Japan. A lot of people knew the Japanese version would come out before the end of the year, but I don’t see the American/European dates being too much farther behind.

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Misterhbk2712d ago

Hmm so the 3G plan is for set amounts of time online, rather than data size? I may just go for the 3G instead if its the same in the States. And there is gaming over 3G. At least in Japan. Pretty cool indeed.

I'm really hoping for a January US release. Please Sony don't make me wait too long!

batdump2711d ago

Yeah, one can only hope that the 3g plan is similar here. but it will probably be closer to the data plans for AT&T users. $15 for 250mb and $25 for 2gb.

whitezagetsu712711d ago


xf2711d ago

More colors = good. :-)