Geeks of Rage : Episode 9

Mike brings Al Jolson back at a Queens dive bar. Brian is a nervous wreck with a stream of sweat running from the back of his neck to the bottom of his balls. Eric likes to hide in abandoned bathroom stalls. None of that stops us from getting all up in Nintendo’s ass over their 3DS analog stick, or from making a topic out of the fact the we have obtained our first legit listener. Because that isn’t pathetic at all. Wanna be listener #2? Click that RSS logo, or just email us all your personal information and we’ll handle the rest. We got you baby.

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FredEffinChopin2716d ago

Ah, back in the wasteland that is the podcast-submission comments.

Just wanted to say, any feedback is appreciated, even aggressively negative feedback. Actually, especially that kind. Kick our asses emotionally, we'll just keep coming back for more. At least I will. The others don't frequent this site. Yet.

Hope you enjoy!