Mitsubishi Announces 140-inch LED Display

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's presentation products division recently introduced its Resolia LED screen monitor designed for indoor signage applications such as billboard advertising or informational displays in malls, airports, sports arenas, casinos and entertainment stages.

Mitsubishi's Resolia accepts an array of input computer or video signals including HD-SDI for up to 1080p high-definition imaging or SD-SDI for standard imaging signals, and comes with a digital screen controller that allows up to four input sources.

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bym051d4961d ago

We definitely need to see some games on this. How about Uncharted or Mass Effect at 140"?

The Real Joker4961d ago

Thats not the only thing that is 140" :P

d3l33t4961d ago

now where am i going to find room for THIS

xsteinbachx4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

i'm pretty sure you'll need to pick up a lead vest to even watch tv or does it come with it?

bym051d4961d ago

They could build force feedback into the vest!

aggh im on fire4961d ago

I need one of these to watch my er...ahem....carnal knowledge dvds.

bym051d4961d ago

You must have a thing for amazon-sized women.

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