Tales of Innocence R Officially Confirmed For PlayStation Vita

Tales of Innocence R is practically now officially confirmed with these leaked photos from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's leak rehearsal.


The teaser site for Tales of Innocence R is now open:

Expected release in Japan 2012, will also be available for download aside from the Vita card.

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Vgameman2717d ago

PS Vita, will you marry me?

tawak2717d ago

i will!!....naah just kidding, that's gay.

TBM2716d ago

Word one YES. The vita will be the ultimate handheld system for me

Ramas2716d ago

it will marry you, but after 3-5 hours batery will die

Vgameman2716d ago

Oh come on I'll make sure it lasts longer ;)

IF you know what I mean!

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shikamaroooo2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Wow now that's what you call a line up

Burning_Finger2717d ago

Day one..........hopefully on the US release. :(

Corax2717d ago

What? Is Sony going back to there JRPG roots with the Vita?...Dreams do come true.

shikamaroooo2717d ago

Could not agree more with your comment

iWishTifaWasReal2717d ago


and FFX is also heading to PS3 and Vita

never had a ps2 so this will be great


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