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guitarded772714d ago

At least we'll get one good FF game this gen.

Dante1122714d ago

YES!!! Can't wait till the Vita comes out.

NatureOfLogic2714d ago

OMG FFX is a great game. I hope most people who got FFXIII get this game, then you'll know how much SquareEnix suck.

egidem2713d ago

At this point, I wonder if there is a reason to even pick up a 3Ds. 100 titles within the launch window - very good move. Planning ahead and focusing on what people actually care about: GAMES!

baodeus2713d ago


So tell me what is the difference between FF13 and FF10?

Leveling system?

RedDead2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Blitzball, temples, Story, Characters, Music, battle system for the first 20-25 hours. You get breaks from battling in FFX.

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

- FF13 has a retarded version of the Sphere Grid from FF10.
- The combat in FF10, although turn based, is better in most aspects.
- Superior storytelling in FF10.
- FF10 didn't play itself nor existed for the sole purpose of looking pretty.
- Side quests/dungeons/temples.
- Not on training wheels for over 20 hours.
- Better music.
- It says "Squaresoft" on the box, not "SquareEnix" :P

I'll let other people fill you in on the rest.

baodeus2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


1. Grid system is similar, it just look prettier in f13.

2. Combat is changed to a much faster pace, and if you actually spend time, it is not bad at all. Paradigm shift is actually pretty interesting and quite tactical. They put a new twist on turn base, and some may not like it; unfamiliar and learning curve perhaps? But hey maybe you prefer the old turn base system (plenty of time to think), which i also miss dearly, but for nostalgic reason (and also uniqueness).

3. I agree, i like story in FF10 better, but FF13 is not as bad as people make it out to be.

4. ?

5. FF13 also has lots of things (sidequest,few places to explore, well). Given, they cramp them at the end instead of spreading them out evenly, but if you think about it, who would have time to do side quests while you on the run, does it make sense?

6. True, i would agree. However, this game isn't for the crowd who aren't patient, which is required for most JRPG, including FF10 and other traditional JRPGs. Maybe the claim about new generation just want instant gratification isn't that far off. And boy, you sure need to read a lot, and that may not go well with most gamers. I'm assuming most gamers don't like to read?

7. Neither game has much of memorable musics, they are about the same. FF13 just have better sound quality due to better hardware. People have different taste, so this point is mute.

8. Maybe people hated the changes that SE made to their favorite IP. Most people don't want to change and that is quite common. Old habit is hard to kill i guess. Change is sometime necessary (not always of course) or else we will still be chiseling rock for breakfast right now.

Alright, fill me in on the rest then, anyone?

gta28002713d ago

Whoa!!!! This is awesome! FFX is my second favorite Final Fantasy. I've been dying to play a classic JRPG in a long time and this is perfect! thank you Square!

NukaCola2713d ago

Why Sony?!!!!

Why are creating the perfect system?! The one handheld to completely destroy every system ever made! This is most impressive thing I have ever seen. The Vita is truly the greatest piece of tech.

Bull5hifT2713d ago

Get to see Yuna again Coolio, i remembered the game looking 3 differnt ways while playing the character models in the pre rendered cutscenes and then the characters in real time cut scenes and then the gameplay models, i hope they at least bump up the GP Models to RT character Models they had a few more details.... It would be great if they could match the cutscene

DragonKnight2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@baodeus: 1. FF13's is still worse since your leveling is locked to story progression. It isn't in FFX which makes FFX superior in leveling.

2. The battles can be won simply by use of Auto-Battle for almost the entirety of the game. The only time you really need to use the Paradigm shifts are for the after end game challenges, and even then just barely. There is no learning curve, the battle system is far more simplified and is essentially just an ATB on perma-haste. FFX allows you to truly plan your strategy, and for most of the game use the right character for the right battle. In FFXIII there are 3 characters you can use for the whole game and not need any others at all.

3.You're right, it's worse.

4. He meant exactly what he said. The gameplay of FF13 could be described in one hyphenated word. Auto-Battle. The game was more about its looks than its gameplay. Funny enough, it tried to be FFX in many many ways, and failed in all of them.

5. It has 2 sidequests at the end. The challenges spread out on Pulse, and Titan's challenges. And I've heard that excuse about being on the run so many damn times. It's a weak excuse, especially if you look at every other FF game that had a story that would stop mini-games. Like FFVII. You're a terrorist group hunted down by an energy company that rules everything, you're hunting down a guy who successfully summons something that can destroy the world, and yet there's time for snowboarding.

6. SquareEnix marketed the game as Final Fantasy and thus stated they made a game for the fans of Final Fantasy. As such there were many expectations for the game, and no amount of excuses will change that. FFXIII is the travesty of the franchise.

7. You're kidding right? FFX's music is far superior than FFXIII's. No memorable music? Otherworld, Suteki Da Ne, Wandering Flame, People of the North Pole, I can keep going. The only memorable music in FFXIII is that damn Leona Lewis song (which sucks) and the theme of O'erba village. And only then because it has a style similar to Zanarkand's where the music continues during battles. Oh, but Snow's Theme is badass, I don't care what anyone says. Best theme for a character ever. Right up there with Auron's.

8. Not the case for FF considering that each FF game is different from the next. The problem with FFXIII is that the changes could make it classed as a reboot trying to change the entire system to appeal to the flash loving shooter crowd. That's what happens when you take influence from CoD.

FFXIII is pretty much NOT an FF game. Maybe if it was marketed as its own game, we wouldn't be getting FFXIII-2 to appease the fans who complained about what was missing.

I'm delighted to be getting FFX for the PS3. Especially if it has updated graphics and maybe trophy support. Hopefully they'll give us in NA the international version including the Dark Aeons and Penance. They could have trophies for that. Can't wait.

lastdual2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Honestly, with everyone else giving us multiple games in their HD collections, we should be getting *both* FFX and FFXII together.

Unless Square Enix is going all-out like the Halo Anniversary remake (very doubtful), there's no reason why they can't stick both of the PS2-era FF's on a single bluray.

SE better aim low with that price if they are sticking to only one game, as every other publisher is giving us a great value by including actual HD collections.

WhiteLightning2713d ago

Am I the only one here thinking why the hell did they skip FF 7, 8, 9

Even though people have been asking for a remake or HD version of FF7 for years.

Rainstorm812713d ago

@Dragon Knight

I couldn't agree more FF13 was a watered down , main stream version of FFX.

On topic
This is great but it almost confirms that we won't see a FFVII Remake....I think they should also remake FFVIII I think that game was sheD of its time and would benefit from a remake the most.

( off to listen to "To Zanarkand")

guitarded772713d ago


I knew this would come up... The reason is, PS2 games are easy to step up to HD while PS1 games would take an entire rebuild.

bakasora2713d ago

I can't believe people would defend for FF13, I personally think its garbage compared to FFX.

Peaceful_Jelly2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@WhiteLightning Because remaking the Pre-Rendered Backgrounds would take years. You can't upscale that like you would a fully 3D game by just adding some AA and higher resolution because PRB's were hand-drawn and at a resolution of 320x240. So they'll either have to redraw everything from scratch or remake everything in 3D and that's too much work for those lazy bastards.

Projekt7tuning2713d ago

I'd love to replay this again on my PS3 in HD or on Vita. This and Monkey ball of all things are definitely making me lean much more to buying a Vita when it comes out. I bought a PSP when it was brand new and felt kind of burned till a little later on when the FF remakes were coming out. Also Crisis core great game, and of course FF tactics. I love that game for some reason.

Neko6082713d ago

@DragonKnight said "2. The battles can be won simply by use of Auto-Battle for almost the entirety of the game. The only time you really need to use the Paradigm shifts are for the after end game challenges, and even then just barely. There is no learning curve, the battle system is far more simplified and is essentially just an ATB on perma-haste. FFX allows you to truly plan your strategy, and for most of the game use the right character for the right battle. In FFXIII there are 3 characters you can use for the whole game and not need any others at all. "

Did you even play though XIII? You CANNOT win in battles without having the right timing of buffing/debuffing and utilizing ravagers and commandos to build the chain gauge up as quickly as you can. It's not at all an "auto battle," The paradigm system makes it both strategic AND fast paced which is what made it great IMO.

Army_of_Darkness2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

FFX is one of the true great quality RPG's.

I tried to replay it on my ps3, but dear gawd... I'm sorry, but I'm just to acustomed to HD graphics! so now that I know FFX is coming back in HD, it's gonna definitely be one of the few RPG's I'm looking forward to this Gen! HAHA!

while your at it squareenix, you might as well forget about creating new Final fantasy titles and just remake all your previous ones, with better graphics and sound! starting with Final fantasy;)

slayorofgods2713d ago

Nice, I only wish it was also coming to the PS3 along with all psp / vita games. But that is probably just me. I'm just not a big hand held guy.

baodeus2713d ago


1. The locking helps reduce useless grinding. Something that i actually don't like about JRPG is grinding (if you don't grind, some boss may seem impossible therefore relying less on your tactic). People tend to abuse grinding to a point where there is no challenge left in the game. Given, you don't have to grind to that point. Beside that i don't see anything difference about them.

2. Because people don't know how to use the battle system appropriately (because it is new and fast instead of having infinite time to plan like other FF games) so auto battle system is there to help you. It doesn't mean that you have to use it. Why don't u try to learn how to use the system effectively, fight manually. I never once use auto battle system and it is great. Much more hectic, require fast thinking and quick strategy. If you want challenge, then do it yourself. It is there, just cause you don't use it doesn't mean it sucks.

3. How is the story in FF13 worst? It may not be the best, but it ain't bad by anymeans.

4. Then like i said, why don't u try to do everything manually instead of relying on the auto battle system for quick easy win then declare that the game doesn't have any substance.

5. Again, it doesn't make sense with the story. Does it make sense for FF7 like you describe? How is "snowboarding" while you are being hunted make any sense and stay in line with the story? maybe you wanted those minigames, again, removing certain things that people got used too could make them angry.

6. "Funny enough, it tried to be FFX in many many ways, and failed in all of them" so how is that not trying to please fan of FF10 by making FF13 game similar? FF10 and FF13 are very similar, of course they change some aspects:
1. summoning has more used than FF10
2. Battle system is much faster pace and require quick thinking (which many didn't like like because they obted for the auto battle system and say the game lack challenge). Funny, i thought FF13 normal gameplay are more challenging (if you do it manually). They are very similar games, from scale to the gameplay. Again, maybe people didn't like the changes, maybe expecting a better story than FF10, etc...

7. Did FF10 music won any official reward or just release as soundtrack like any other FF games including FF13? It wasn't like Chrono Trigger where it actually got some award for it. Unless there are awards of the year or something, then at least we have something to based on. If it doesn't, then to each his own. Liking something is vary from one to another no? How it is that i think they are the same, which isn't inline with your taste, would prove that im wrong?

8. FF10 changes a lot since FF7. It has no world map to travel, etc...and even the gamplay changes, but it was awarded as one of the best FF ever created. FF13 try to be similar in almost every aspects, but it didn't get the same recognition (it didn't change anything drastically from FF10 if at all). Why? Perhaps u didn't like the story? the faster pace turnbase battle system? And how it is that FF13 try to cater to shooter fan by anymeans? I don't see anything in FF13 that would cater to FPS gamers?

Again, FF13 is similar to FF10 in almost every aspect. Maybe people just didn't like some changes they made, but hey, i mean they have to test the water soemtime right or else we would still be playing same game over and over again just with a different number at the end of the FF title. Fan complain about FF13 missing stuff (mostly based on FF7 like world travel, more sidequests), but they didn't say anything about FF10 why?

slayorofgods2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


1. Grinding leads to lvling up which leads to more tactics in character builds which leads to a jrpg with more of a playing strategy then strictly the battle sequence.

2. Of FF13. The battle system is automated, sure there is strategy but use of magic and new skills are so less fulfilling when all you really select is the actual job class.

3. Of FF13's story. I actually agree, though the story could have been told in a more engaging way.

4. Of FF13, You can't realistically play the manual system due to the speed of the game.

* I'm not sure why the linearity and lack of towns isn't mention from 13, sure it's been said to death but the actual chapter (i.e. level 1-13)over open world is what made me want to stop playing this game.

OK FF13 wasn't a horrible game, and at times I did enjoy it. But FF10 blows FF13 out of the water, it is just a much funner game to play.

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PixlSheX2714d ago

I love FFX too!
Zone of Enders HD collection have just been announced for ps3/psv too!

rdgneoz32714d ago

Loved Zone of Enders 1&2. And still waiting on my friend to give me back #2 :P

Lovable2714d ago

OMFG!!!! Persona 4 and now FFX!!!! HOLY SHIT

ReservoirDog3162714d ago

Today is a day to rejoice.

And man, there's a lot of RPGs on the Vita that I'm getting.

Xalaris2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I still remember how hard I cried during the ending scene, I was... 14?

I know it sounds gay, but no other game has ever hit me as hard as compared to this game. I'm almost 19 now and I'm fairly positive that if I heard that damn ending theme again I would shed some tears. It's hard finding games that hook you in the story as much as FFX did... SOTC was a very close second.

BinaryMind2713d ago

Am I the only one surprised this game is already ten years old? The game still looks really good at that age. Obviously, HD will make it look even better.

Pug2713d ago


I think the fact you don't get his point 4 kinda says it all.

And the combat system is lame, when you can just sit there hitting auto all the way through the battle and end up winning probably 95% of the fights in the game that is lame and I'm sorry there is nothing tactical about hitting auto.

Anyway each to his own I guess but personally I gave XIII a 5/10 at best. Looking forward to X but its sad I have to play the old classics to get a decent JRPG experience this gen.

smashman982713d ago

you can play the game on auto. that is very true but square enix intentions were to put that there for people who couldn't handle battling themselves

so i did enjoy the battle system

on the other hand X was my favorite final Fantasy so im wicked excited for that

princejb1342713d ago

omg i just nutted
i want this, i know some people may disagree but ff10 was my favorite final fantasy

Anderson82713d ago

it was my fav too; best world, best soundtrack, best battle system.. i could go on

pain777pas2713d ago

Who else went crazy inside when the most emotion provoking theme song started to play at the conference? EPIC win.

Greyfoxdbz2713d ago

not that many of you will understand it. but here you go.

DragonKnight2713d ago

All you need to understand is "To Zanarkand" and PS3. Awesome video. Bubbles up man.

I really can't wait for this. I hope it comes out soon.

jdfoster2713d ago

okay, I admit... I cried...

WitWolfy2713d ago

Here's hoping they redo the voice acting like Konami did with the Silent Hill HD collection. Really didnt like Tidus voice AT ALL

Me_My2713d ago

As do I but you know what I love more FFXIII-Versus and yet I've grown up, finished school, got married, had kids and now I am a granpa and still just waiting for FFXIII-Versus to come out before I kick the bucket. *Presses Nurse alarm button* 'NURSE I NEED TO BE CHANGED'

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Misterhbk2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yes! OMfG! Been waiting to hear this news! Day one for Vita! Now give me FF XII as well!

miyamoto2714d ago

A real shocker indeed i tell you!

Reibooi2714d ago

Great news to be sure but pretty disappointed it's only FFX and not FFX plus X-2 and XII. The main FF I want in HD is XII as I has the most to gain. XII was a gorgeous game at teh time and simply upping the res to 1080P would make it look stunning and more then likely there would be texture work done.

X was a very early PS2 game and doesn't have as much room for improvement(although I could be wrong about that).

In terms of content I guess it's on par with most of the HD collections as X was a very large game and aside from the Sly Collection it's still gonna be alot of play time for what will like be a less then 30$ game but still can't help but be disappointed that more games are not coming along with it.

Kain812714d ago

the guy talked about a HD REMAKE, did he mean a Full remake or only HD version of the old FF10

TheDivine2714d ago

Pretty sure its a remaster like gow/sly/mgs. They wouldnt remake it when they can up the res and sell just as many copies. This is awesome but id prefer 2 things

1-a ff 10-12 hd collection
2-this to be buy once play on both systems

I dont want to buy it twice. Il want to play on my tv but vita has no hdmi. I want it on the go but then im stuck with a small screen.

Misterhbk2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@ Kain
I think it's a HD Version which I'm fine with. Could be wrong though. I'm hoping it's ready by the time the US launch comes around, which should be possible if all they need to do is up the resolution and port it over. Everything else is already there.

@ Divine
Personally I just want it on the go. I spend a lot of time at work and I have plenty of down time so I love portables.

xtheownerzx2714d ago

Confirmed already better than FF XIII

k2d2713d ago

I see what you did there ;)

ThePsychoGamer2714d ago

While I love FF10, I gotta wonder if SE decided to make this as a bit of a troll attempt at all the people who wanted an HD remake of FF7. If so, well played.

labaronx2714d ago

i just felt a square enix boot to the chest, but ff10 vita is cool

Eamon2713d ago

That's the thing. FFX HD isn't a HD remake but a HD port. It's the same FFX but upscaled into HD res.

HD remake of FF7 would be full on project that would take many years to develop.

I've already finished FFX and finished it again recently so I'm not so bothered by this news. Not to mention, my second playthrough was on PCSX2 emulator which has already improved the graphics quite a lot.

hetz152714d ago

At first, I thought he was going to announce FF7 remake lol

Godmars2902714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

You mean the game that they themselves have been teasing off and on for the PS3?

If I wasn't so burned out on Square as a whole, I might be upset that a FFX remake is more like they're pulling it out their butt to pull it out. That to do what they've "promised" after all this time would require work.

I get the feeling that the only reason they're doing it is so they can make X-2 and an X-3 then make a XII-2.

Dark_king2713d ago

Its just a HD version of FFX not a completely remade game.Which is what FF7 would need to be,I would love FF7 to be remade but it would be a huge task.You would need it to be perfect without a single flaw.Or FF7 fanboys would hunt down and kill them.
I would honestly prefer them remake the oldest games in HD before FF7.

Ddouble2713d ago

Even if they put FF7 in HD it will still look bad because of the low polygon count. It needs more than a than just a resolution bump and that will take time.

Nevertheless I AM HYPED.

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silkrevolver2714d ago

My favorite FF.

...though I know people will be pissed they skipped 7, 8 and 9.

bozebo2714d ago

8 is my fav, but 10 is right up there just behind 7 for me, followed by 6.

And I have said this before. Have you played Lost Odyssey? If not, you must - if you don't have a 360 get one just to play it because it is what FF13 should have been.

christian hour2713d ago

Agreed, I felt Lost Odyssey was more like the Final Fantasy I know and love than 12 and 13. But I am not surprised with Sakaguchi being the brainchild and Nobuo Uematsu doing the tunes, a world map and of course vehicles that can traverse said world map.

The sooner we get Versus xiii, the better :D

Delighted to hear of an X HD edition, in my opinion X was the last good FF (Didn't really get into 12). Also hard to beleive I've been waiting ten years now for a decent FF game and have nothing to show for it. I swear these past ten years went by quicker than the 2-3 years I spent waiting on FFX and looking at every released screen and trailer up until release :P

WitWolfy2713d ago

I agree never loved characters as much as I loved the ones in FF8. Probably because it was the first FF I ever played

Peaceful_Jelly2714d ago

FFX was your first? Your first is always the favorite even though VI and VII are better than any other FF game.

silkrevolver2714d ago

But my overall first was VII

DragonKnight2713d ago

"Your first is always the favorite even though VI and VII are better than any other FF game."

Hell no. FFVII is not even close. FFIV is better, FFVI I can agree with you although I prefer other FF games over it, hell FFTactics is better than VII. FFVII is like the 3rd worst FF game. FFXIII is the worst, followed by the real FFII, then FFVII.

bozebo2713d ago

No, FF13 is the worst... followed by X-2!!

I tried playing X-2 but my memory card corrupted itself about halfway through, and I was painfully going for 100% >_<

I would rate IX as one of the "bad" ones too. VI is probably the true best, but not my fav.