Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Getting the Vita Treatment

Joel Taveras, writes "The last time we saw Yoshinori Ono take the stage with a PlayStation Vita in his hands was way back at E3 2011, where he showed off Capcom's latest title title Street Figher X Tekken running live on stage. He's back once again this time at Sony's TGS conference, except this time with another fighter."

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MasterCornholio2715d ago

Cant wait. Jeez capcom announce a real resident evil game for the Vita please.

user8586212715d ago

hmm get this or wait for a Ultimate MVC 3 Arcade edition.. oh what to do!?

2715d ago
TenSteps2715d ago

Cole really would have fit better as a guest here.

Veneno2715d ago

God damn I need a Vita. This sealed the day one purchase for me.

felonycarclub2714d ago

vita is going to take over my vita, get it? lol