New PlayStation Vita trailer

Check out a new trailer for PlayStation Vita.

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just_looken2717d ago

bad music though they should show all the features/games and have we are the champions from queens in the background

Marceles2717d ago

Would be cool if 0:15 - 0:17 was the chime that plays when you turn it on

badboy74282717d ago

Day One Just wish it had 4G.

sashimi2717d ago

if only the world was more caught up with 4G, but sadly no :(

mr_epsym_knird2717d ago

Really cool trailer. The music is also good.

MasterCornholio2717d ago

looks very fun. I like the way the OS looks

Staude2717d ago

I would get it as sooner if it had video out. Instead i'll wait for a model with (hopefully) video out :P .. That does leave time for a price drop and or more good games though, so I won't mind that much having to wait a bit.

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