TGS 2011: PS3 At 51.8 Million, PSP Hits 71.4 Million

Sony's TGS 2011 press conference is in full swing, and they've started with a couple encouraging sales numbers. The PS3 and PSP have sold quite well.

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TheMyst2715d ago

Excellent numbers for SONY. Keep up the great work!

cobblestone192715d ago

Every disagree you (and I) get is from a butthurt 360 fanboy.

Anyways... Congrats, Sony. You have made this gen for me.

qwertyz2715d ago

not necessarily. ps2 has over 120 million units ahead of either competition at this time last gen so compared to ps2 ps3 isn't doing too well. Ps2 was the greatest console EVER anyone that denys this is lying to themselves.

Bathyj2715d ago

Soif you're not doing better than the best ever, you're not doing too well?

I guess everyone and everything whose second in anything sucks.

Take that Titanic, you're only the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time.

kaveti66162715d ago

Well, BathyJ, as many people are eager to say, "Sony doesn't compete with anyone but themselves." And by that metric, they're losing.

red2tango2715d ago

sorry qwertyz but I think PS3 is a lot better than PS2. the only reason why I still have a BC PS3 is because of Socom 2. Other than that, PS3 has a lot of great exclusives and graphics.

stonecold32715d ago

i think ps3 has sold more than 53 million by now because those ps3 numbers come from wiki sony have sold 51.8 million june 30th 2011

dangert122715d ago

True say the Ps2 started selling like made when it hit the price the PS3 has only just now hit

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Dante1122715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Edit: Lol, nvm. These are the old numbers. Make sense since they have not given their fiscal report yet. My bad. Don't flame me.

kreate2715d ago

Hey I'm not a xbox fanboy or anything but the numbers aren't that impressive to me.

The numbers are just 'ok'

And with the recent price drop, ps3 should be flying off the shelves here in america. But its not. Outside of california and ny. Rest of the 48 states seem to favor the 360 regardless of a ps3 price drop.

Going on the 6th year. Ps3 only sold 51+ million. thats impressive? o_O;;

Ryo-Hazuki2715d ago

Just because xbox may outsell ps3 in the states by like 10k per week since the price cut doesnt mean ps3 is not selling well. Price matters alot in America and there is 199 dollar model for the 360. And ps3 has been consistently outselling 360 week by week world wide. And thats what matters. If the ps3 and 360 both had one model in th U.S for the same price each it would probably be dead even.

As for taking 6 years to get to 52 million....well it took the first 3 years to even get the ps3 price to a normal level. That was there mistake but they will learn from it with the ps4.

SoapShoes2715d ago

Only going on the 5th year, genius.

fr0sty2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

As a console that launched with no real solid lineup, a $600 price tag, shortages, and with poor developer support, to be steadily closing the gap between it and Xbox 360 more and more by the year is doing amazing. Remember, 360 launched $200 cheaper, and was easier to make games for so the initial round of games as well as multiplatform titles heavily favored 360. Remember how bad the frame rates were on early games like Madden for PS3? We've come a long way, and PS3 has shown that it has grown into it's role as a solid competitor for the Xbox 360 quite well. Hell, even for the Wii now that it's sales have fallen. PS3 still stands a chance to come in a very respectable second place by the time all is said and done.

They may not have broken records this generation, but even Wii with all of it's motion control hype and cheap price tag couldn't pull that off either. Our economy taking a huge hit can be attributed to that. So, comparing this generation directly against last gen's sales really doesn't hold up considering the different circumstances.

All 3 consoles have done great sales wise. There really was no clear "failure". Even if PS3 passes up 360, it still means that a machine that has dated tech like DVD, no standard hard drive, pay to play online, and didn't even launch with features such as Wifi or HDMI built in gave the PS3 one hell of a run for it's money. PS3 still isn't ahead to this day, though it's closing the gap steadily. MS even proved it was capable of selling it's highly criticized motion controller device to the masses, and that they could use it to revive a system who's sales were beginning to slack the previous year.

I think this generation has gone about as good as it could have given our economy, and that is true for all 3 platform holders.

It would be interesting to see how the results would have been had they all launched at the same price and at the same time.

TheMyst2715d ago


PS3 has been selling on average 2-3 million more per year than the 360. Get this through your thick skull, THE 360 HAD ONE YEAR on the market completely alone, ONE AND HALF YEARS in Europe. So if this number are just "ok" then you must think the 360 is doing terrible.

Nathaniel_Drake2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

"Going on the 6th year. Ps3 only sold 51+ million. thats impressive? o_O;;"

Coming from a 1 year delay from the 360 that has to be a record broken, I mean in all honesty if it were the PS3 with a 1 year head start MS would have been out of the console business so that is impressive yes! :0

kreate2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

i never talked about the sales of the 360.
360 sales isnt that impressive either.

but it is impressive considering its plagued with RROD and lack of exclusives, stupid gold memberships and crap like that.

just like how ps3 is impressive considering its the most expensive console out there.

both ps3 and xbox sales are around 50-55 million. in this case ps3 is more impressive cuz it has a 1 year delay compare to the 360.

again, looking at these numbers, i still dont think ps3 sales is all that, at least here in america.

EDIT:if u are content with ur console sales at 50-55 million unit sold, thats fine.

Mr-Dude2714d ago

I'm geting a little annoyed about the Americans..

Do you really think America is the Number 1 country in the world? USA= not world!

Get it in your head!

tiffac0082714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

They're gaming consoles they are not a product of necessity and their lifespan is short not to mention the fanbase this generation are evenly distributed between the big 3.

So 50-55M are good numbers for the industry.

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labaronx2715d ago

that's pretty good for something on this site continually refereed to as a failure

SoapShoes2715d ago

Not to mention it's their first try at handhelds AND the only handheld not to die off against Nintendo. Doubt it'll get to 100 mil but I could see the Vita doing that.

Blaine2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yeah, 100 mil is still a ways off, but Sony's really making a big PSP push in Europe right now. Also, I think promoting the PSP now is a great move for securing the Vita a place in the market once it comes out. I'm sure a lot of these new PSP gamers will be looking to upgrade once they see the Vita!

SlipperyMooseCakes2715d ago

Continually called a failure on this site? Yeah I'm not too sure about that. This site if anything is biased towards the PS3.

Anyway, great numbers. I'm interested in seeing some more games for the Vita. I'm not usually into handhelds but the Vita has caught my attention.

labaronx2715d ago

not n4g in particular but a lot of the blog post and articles submitted

user8586212714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

It failed because it's games dont sell apart from japan (need proof look at peace walker.. tut tut) and has as of this moment pretty much no dev support, guess sony isn't banking on the psp to follow sony's usual 10 year life span

DaTruth2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Peace Walker is a DD title!(digital copy here) By that logic, all PC games don't sell!

And anybody who ever heard of a Vita is gonna buy all their PSP games digitally since hearing! Even when there were just rumours, we all knew there wasn't gonna be a UMD drive in the Vita!

Excited2play2715d ago

I'm glad Sony is doing well for themselves, especially since the earthquake.

Keep up the good work guys!!

DiRtY2715d ago

Actually I expected a little bit more PS3s sold. The number is shipped I guess (even referred as "sold" means "sold to retailer")and VGC for example has it at 52.2m sold to consumers, so it is overtracked over there.

CGI-Quality2715d ago

These numbers date back to June. Did you read the article?

DiRtY2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

why so offensive?

I quote the article if you like: "According to the current count, the PS3 has hit 51.8 million"

I thought current count means... you know current numbers.

This is not trolling, I was just wondering. Calm down guys.

Where does it say June though?

Pedobear Rocks2715d ago

These are already stated sales numbeers...not up to date. VCG changed their number to this last time and has added a bit each week to make you think they know what the hell they are doing.

jneul2715d ago

ignore dirty he/she obvioulsy doesn't understand that these are old figures, and wants to believe ps3 is so very much behind, carry on dreaming is all i can say

CGI-Quality2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Who's defensive? I asked a simple question. Seems like YOU need to chill out.

The article speaks on old numbers (PS3 hit 51 million in June).

TruthBTold2714d ago

Shipped is sold. That goes for any manufacturer. You didn't think everyone just made their product and gave it to a distributor to hold and see if they sell did you. Distributors BUY an amount from manufactures for a discounted price and then make their profit once they sell it to consumers. Sony and nintendo and ms make their money once they ship to stores placing orders.

DaTruth2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Fist, the term is "defensive".

Obviously you intended to cause offense, seeing as how there's nothing in his comment that should leave you with the impression that he was offended! It's like your practically begging for someone to be offended! Did he lock the caps or something?

Unless you're asking yourself why you're so defensive by him correcting you? Because that was the closest thing to defensiveness I saw there!

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EliteDave932715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Amazing numbers! Sony ftw!

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