Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero III Comparison Videos

For two years now, Guitar Hero has ruled the music genre with a fret-blazing iron fist. That reign is now contested by Rock Band, which happens to come from the same guys who made Guitar Hero what it is today. Now that their creation is in the hands of another studio, who's to know which team brings the rock?

For the answer, GamesRadar turns to their custom-built comparison videos that split the screen right down the middle - Guitar Hero III on the left, Rock Band on the right. The two games share six songs, so they played them on hard and stacked them against each other with the actual song playing over them. They're mainly curious to see who gets the song right. Is it Harmonix at Rock Band or Neversoft at Guitar Hero?

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Torch4928d ago

or does GH come across as A LOT harder???

Judging by the video, RB at gives me some hope on recuperating a portion of the chunk of esteem GH has brutally torn out of me as a result of my left-handed suckiness. ;)

bym051d4928d ago

I don't know who's right, but Guitar Hero sure looks more difficult. I also like the graphics of the GH interface better.

cr33ping_death4928d ago

i rhink the rock band versions were on hard abd the dh3 ver was on expert

aiphanes4928d ago

Plus the online experience in Rock Bank is worlds better.

Vip3r4928d ago

GH looks better but harder.

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The story is too old to be commented.