BattleBlock Theater delayed to 2012

DSOGaming writes: "BattleBlock Theater is an upcoming co-operative / competitive platformer video game and the third production from developer The Behemoth following Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Although the game has been announced only for XBLA, there is a possibility for a PC version but as Christine from The Behemoth stated, the game won’t be out to either platform this year."

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majiebeast2712d ago

maybe they want a vita version;)

killa916062712d ago

Lol I thought the title said "Battlefield Theater delayed to 2012"

multipayer2712d ago

Man. Behemoth has to have the longest development cycle in indie gaming. Nintendo takes about this long to make zelda...

SockMaster2712d ago

I know Tom is very busy with his home life and so cut him some slack :) - his games are fantastic!