Assassin's Creed: TVG Review - 'little more than rent worthy'

TVG writes:

"Astonishingly accurate when it comes to historic characters, details, and setting, it's a shame that the repetitive, formulaic structure to the game diminishes any impulse that the intriguing storyline provides. Although Assassin's Creed isn't a bad game, it's certainly not the game we were hoping for and ultimately it comes as one of the year's biggest disappointments. With little in the way of replay value (unless traipsing around the Holy Land for flags sounds appealing), it's hard to recommend Assassin's Creed as little more than rent-worthy."

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darkwing4961d ago

yup same complaint as the others, repetitive

Marceles4961d ago

Heavenly Sword was more repetitive than Creed to me. At least there's different missions like eavesdropping, saving citizens, going to the watchtowers to synchronize and upgrade your maps, etc., and Creed also seems alot longer. The only thing is the combat isn't as deep as Heavenly Sword. All you do is push the attack button everytime your sword connects with the enemy's sword until he finally gives up, while watching out for anyone trying to attack you from behind. I'm happy with the game so far, but we'll see where it goes. I just feel bad for people that can stayed awake all day to beat it. I could see why they could get bored.

monkey6024961d ago

These reviews are worrying me. I'll still get this game tomorrow though because I have always really been my own critic and liked many other games that reviewers didnt.

dachiefsman4961d ago

*grabs another tissue

what a shame........

Strife Lives4961d ago

I thnk Jade got better reviews lol jade and her game equals overated