Early Retail Indications Point To Low Resistance 3 Sales?

If you check around at various retailers, you might find a whole lot of copies of Resistance 3. More evidence indicates low sales for Insomniac's new shooter.

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KingSlayer2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

So this guy's median for judging the performance of R3 is his local GameStop? Unreal.

EDIT: @Logicwins Using your local GS as evidence of anything is just plain sad. Not as sad as defending such an act, but sad still. I hear Hondas don't sell well. I drove past a dealer and the lot was full. LULZ.

LOGICWINS2712d ago

Do you know what the meaning of a question mark is? He's not judging the performance of R3 with his local GS store as his sole base of evidence...he's using it as a small piece of evidence to indicate that there may be a POSSIBILITY that RE3 hasn't been doing well saleswise.

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LOGICWINS2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

"il be glad when gears 3 comes out n you will have something else to do other than attack people , its rare you even post on-topic."

You reprimand me for attacking people...yet you call me a "troll" in the second sentence of your comment. Hypocrisy much?

Btw..who did I attack? All I did was make a suggestion.

"i mean how many more times we gonna see you in a R3 story, yet you admit you dont have the game"

So a person needs to own a game in order to comment in an article about the game in question?

..what? By your logic, people aren't allowed to dig up info on a game before it comes in order to get an indication if it would interest them.

SoapShoes2712d ago

Well I went to my local gamestop and they were sold out... QUICK!!! I must make an article about it with a question mark saying, "Early indications point to off the chart success for Resistance 3"?

RememberThe3572712d ago

Yeah, God forbid someone asked a question. But it's a PS3 exclusive. I know you guys hate to admit it, but they don't sell very well.

And what the hell is up with these trolls acting like everyone who doesn't suck Sony's d!ck is some sort of 360 fanboy? My 360 died on me and my PS3 is all I have left but that doesn't mean that I can't acknowledge the possibility that Resistance 3 didn't sell very well. This is entertainment not religion there is no dogma in this.

Hicken2712d ago

Logic, I still can't figure out how you've gotten to that many bubbles.

That aside, we've all but sold out at my store, so based on that "small piece of evidence" I can say there "may be a possibility" that R3 (RE is Resident Evil, by the way) is doing exceedingly well.

How about using logic, for a change?

LOGICWINS2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

@Hicken- The last time we had an argument you had 3 bubbles.

I mean no disrespect..but did it ever occur to you that YOU may be the problem?

How about using logic, for a change?

Silly gameAr2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Calm down RememberThe357

Not all of the games will sale well, there's no denying that. They have hits and misses like everyone else, but this is ridiculous. Ringing a few Gamestops are an indication that R3 isn't doing well? Come on.

By the way, praising the work first party devs put into their games makes you A Sony fanboy? I am sick of people acting like because you like PS3 and dig the games, you must fu**ing worship Sony or some s***.

LOGIC, you need to get off your high horse by the way. Bubbles mean squat. Your bubble count is proof of that.

LOGICWINS2712d ago

"I am sick of people acting like because you like PS3 and dig the games, you must fu**ing worship Sony or some s***."

And your telling others to calm down? LOL

P_Bomb2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Don't sell well according to who?

According to interviews on this site 2 days ago, Heavy Rain's now at 2 million. inFamous 2 was the top selling game in June. Heck, Yakuza: Of the End sold 300,000 in its 1st week in June and it's only out in Japan.

GOW3 snuck back into the NPD sales for July just behind Catherine over a year after its release. DCUO was SOE's best selling debut ever. KZ3 outsold Bulletstorm H2H and cross-platform. Do people forget these stories, or just don't click 'em?

Hicken2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I lost a bubble because people sensitively thought I was trolling. Naturally, nobody asked. Hell, I didn't even get a single response on the offending comments. And the last time we had an "argument" was two, three months ago.

But that's neither here nor there.

The point is that you, for quite some time now, have spouted some of the most illogical drivel I've seen out of an n4g member with more than one bubble, and yet you've somehow got six. I suppose it has to do with the fact that you avoid being hit with trolling, but I'm certain you've noticed how many of your recent comments have overwhelmingly high "disagree" numbers. Blame it on the "fanboys" if you must, but the truth is truth.

As for the topic at hand, unless you knew that the stores he sampled always represented a middleground for sales for that retailer, then you can't possibly use them as evidence for anything more than the performance of specific games in that area.

Here's an interesting note:

We only got 5 copies of Disgaea 4, and each and every one of them is a reserved copy(one of em is mine). When they're all gone, we're sold out.

See the logic there?

Edit: My comments contradict, so I should correct myself. We sold out of Resistance 3 last week, and have since been restocked.

solidjun52708d ago

Deadreckoning666...oops, I mean "LOGIC"WINS is the biggest stealth troll on this site. Not only that, he's a hypocrite. I'm glad i'm not the only one to see how big of a farce he is. And yes he has far too many bubbles for all the comments he makes. It's strange how everyone bubbles him down yet he's still has 6.

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Dante1122712d ago

@ King

I found that funny too. Reminds me of when GT5 got release midway through the month, didn't sell over 300,000 in the NPD report and how certain people joked and said it flopped. Then a week later, Sony released their numbers that show that they sold 5.5 million in 12 days.



rdgneoz32712d ago

Yah, using Gamestop as evidence isn't the best idea if you want to make an intelligent article.I know I (along with a bunch of friends) stopped buying from Gamestop a while ago. I've been enjoying Amazon for the discounts (no sales tax in MA), money back towards my next game, and having it delivered to your front door by the time you get home from work.

Hell, newegg has had some nice preorder discounts on upcoming games lately, like $12 or $13 off (and no sales tax in MA). Though unlike amazon having release day free shipping, you have to wait a few days (free shipping), but it'll give me time to finish my other games this fall.

So overall, not everyone buys from a store, some like the money off / money back / no sales tax / it waiting at your front door when you get home.

egidem2712d ago

That reminds me, I should go pick up a copy of this game very soon (this week).

chidori6662712d ago

Yeah one of the worst games I played this year,I seem to play on PC more then my PS3 now . Only game I want on the PS3 is uncharted:3 other then that all other games will be PC only.

SoapShoes2712d ago

*looks at bubble count* *looks at post*

Yeah that's believable...

ReservoirDog3162712d ago

If* that is true then it's sad. It's a great game so far and Insomniac just can't seem to get sales even though they knock it out of the park nearly everytime.

I did my part with getting the doomsday edition at least. Always loved Insomniac.

KiLLUMiNATi_892712d ago

R3 is a really good game and I wouldn't understand why ps3 gamers wouldn't want to buy this game, maybe because they have so much exclusives that they can't decide on what they want lol. Also sales don't mean everything because I think R3 and K3 are better then a LOTT of shooters out there and they really dont sell trillions of copies.

joab7772712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It may have something to do w a game called dead island, an original game bearing some likeness to fallout and borderlands. I went to aix stores today and could not find it.

Now, I love r3. Its a great game but original it is not & im afraid ppl hav grown so tired of the linear fps that is short on control, story, and length. Now, I like the online better but it soesnt stand out anymore. In r2, I was in a huge clan and we would have 15 ppl in a lobby at 1 time. Also, we loved the co op which was alao very original. It was similar to horde but w objectivres that changed each time u played, up to eight ppl could play and it was class based. U could level up etc. r3 story is much better and I love the weapon wheel but unfortunately most ppl wont b willing to even take the chance which brings me to the main reason for low numbers.

Sony doesnt seem to support their exclusive fps games. Killzone 3 & r3 both suffered from this. Now that I think about it, r2 offered a type of cross game chat allowing many ppl to talk in a lobby before doing anything. Many of us used it for this reason. The lack of it for sony may b killing their fps juggernauts and it is sad becauae killzone and r3 r on par w halo etc. But, only my hardcore sony friends even know its out. Or ppl hav simply tired of games running toards the template stripping and streamlining to get mor ppl to buy. The irony is that it is the very reason ppl r not buying anymore.

Also, for completionists k3 & r3 also have a dumbimg down in common. While its nice to plat something in a day or two, it really harms the hardcore love and that sense of satisfaction after completing. I want my fps hardest difficulty to b really hard so I spend a week playing the campaign, learning every board inside and out, mastering my gunplay, weapons and strategy. K2 gav me this, r2 was hard and also had difficult online trophies that were realistic. K3 & r3 compared to their counterparts were very weak in this manner.

kikizoo2711d ago

Who cares about huge or just good sales, the games is 8,6 (and more for most of the reviews), it's beautifull and fun...and like most of the great ps3 exclusives, it will have long legs, and good (pr great) sales..

with tons of exclusives, you can't sell as much as the poor consoles with two great titles for the years..

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Godchild10202712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It's true. Once Dead Island was released it over shadowed Resistance. I bought both and spent most of my time playing Resistance 3 than Dead Island. Zombie games tend to sell a lot more than other games on the market, when you don't add COD or most shooters in the equation.

EDIT: @Kingslayer, he did mention other stores.

LOGICWINS2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Yeah that. Also, I live in NY and I haven't seen a SINGLE Resistance 3 or PS3 related commercial in the past week. I think I've seen maybe one all summer.

Yet I've seen 3 different Gears of War 3 commercials and 1 Kinect commercial in the past hour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that my experiences mirror that of EVERY single gamer in North America...but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that Sony doesn't advertise its exclusives as much as Microsoft does..and thats why they don't sell as well as they should.

Instead of getting defensive about the situation like many do on this site, they should actually try buying the games that they spend hours defending on N4G.

@Disagrees- Thank you for proving my point^^

tiffac0082712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I believe Sony already said they cannot compete with MS advertisement spending. So not seeing Sony commercials is to be expected.

LOGICWINS2712d ago

^^Ummm...yeah, which is why I suggest that PS3 loyalists start talking more with their money and less with their keyboard.

Godchild10202712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I know what you mean. After school I had the TV on while I was doing homework and browsing the web, I haven't seen any commercials for a Sony product. I think it depends on what channel you are on because I don't remember seeing a Microsoft commercial either, but I did for Nintendo.

The other day I saw a Gears commercial, but it was the one with the free 360 with a PC purchase.

I do agree and as an avid PlayStation gamer (when the time is available), I do believe that Sony Fanboys don't support the games they always list when they talk exclusives. I also think more PS3 users rent the game they want to play or borrow them from friends. The only exclusive that I know that will sell well is Uncharted 3.

I also have a 360 and waiting for Gears of war 3.

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smashcrashbash2712d ago

Yawn. I love how everyone tries so hard to bring down our games. I have seen the R3 commercial plenty of times and it is already out selling Dead Island in the UK on the PS3. Every year we always have a single person claiming that because the game isn't selling in their area automatically means it isn't selling anywhere else.We've heard it before for every PS3 exclusive and hardware that has come out. Give it a rest.

Pozzle2712d ago

Early retail indications? Ringing a couple of Gamestops in your nearby area =/= "early retail indications".

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