PS3 starter packs could be launched in India

Atindriya Bose, the Country Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment, India says

"We may. Those are marketing actions and that's a short term thing. At some point of time when we feel, that is a marketing tool that is always there at your mercy. It is like, which arrow do you fire, means, even if I say a starter pack, I might choose to do it only with Blu-Ray discs or I may choose to do only with games. These are the different tools that you have in hand."

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chester4927d ago

i'm still happy i have my 60gb so that in a few years when i feel like going through colosses or the original GoW again, i have the option to. this guy may not feel like it's important, but i do.

monkey6024927d ago

That is one thing I have to agree on... That is my PS2 did [email protected] out on my and I want to play an old PS2 game which I would then at least my PS3 gives me the option. Backwards compatability may not be essential but I'm definitely more comfortable with the option being there.

TheMART4927d ago

"PS3 Starter Packs Could be Launched in India, Says SCE Country Manager"

Don't change titles. Rule from N4G

Danja4927d ago

so what would you call the "360 Core and Arcade" ?? "Beginners Guide in to next gen gaming" ??

back on's not that important..if people play PS2 games play it on ur PS2..if not go get an 60GB OR 80GB....

PS3 Limps on and on4927d ago

It's not important. The PS2 is yesterdays news. Get over it.

You don't see XBOX 360 giving a crap about XBOX games. XBOX 360 knows what it is.

And now PS3 does also. PS3 games, a lot of PS3 games.

uxo224927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Unlike Sony, Microsoft didn't accuse Sony of abandoning it's fanbase. Sony was using backwards compatibility as a selling point. Now it sounds like it was all talk. IMO

Danja4927d ago

dude I love how you guys always make it seem as if Sony is abandoning BC..they have the 80GB..and the 60GB for now..the still BC with the PS1...and who says they can't implement PS2 BC later down the's all about ur preference and they atleast give you a choice to choose if you want that feature or not..!!

achira4927d ago

seems to be correct. i cant remember when i played a ps2 game on my ps3. ps3 games fwd!

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The story is too old to be commented.