Hellgate: London - PlayTM Review - 'problems still present in the code'

PlayTM writes:

"Now that Hellgate has been pushed, squinting, into the daylight ready for inspection, it's a little jarring to realise the first impression you're left with after playing it for any length of time is a certain sense of 'is this it?'

"If Hellgate: London had appeared on shelves with no hype and no known links to past gaming glories then we'd probably be sat here at the end of the review chatting about how it was a bit of an undiscovered gem that fused FPS sensibilities with Diablo-esque loot collection and character customisation to provide a thoroughly enjoyable, if slightly unpolished, experience."

"Unfortunately we don't have that luxury and the game's high profile throws niggles like the repetitive level design, the often dull quests and the stability issues into harsh relief. If all you want is a Diablo clone wrapped up in FPS clothes with some MMO features then you'll undoubtedly be satisfied. However, those looking for, or expecting, some kind of new dawn for the action RPG genre will be left wondering what all the fuss was about."

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