Sonic Generations release dates revealed, might not suck

Sega has revealed that Sonic Generations will be released in North America on November 1st, and November 4th in Europe on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game won’t be seeing a Wii release, but is expected to launch on 3DS in “late 2011.”

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ashbc2713d ago

The first sonic game I want for a long time.

supergameboy2713d ago

You should check out Sonic Colors, it's not a bad game. :)

Quagmire2713d ago

Criminally underrated because it wasnt released on the big 3. Imo, they should port it over to Move and Kinect to get the sales and recognition it deserves.

thephillup2713d ago

I think the phrase might not suck has been used for almost all of the Sonic games when the are announced. Shockingly, they all end up sucking.

tiffac0082713d ago

That pic just put a huge smile on my face. XD

Oldman1002713d ago

Lol, the only reason i clicked on this article.

battyschlaps1222713d ago

I clicked on the story to get a better look at Sonic's face.

It was worth it.

Convas2713d ago

Wait wait, November 1st? Against Uncharted 3 on PS3?! Are they mad?

supergameboy2713d ago

Completely different audiences. I don't think Sega have anything to worry about releasing on the same day as Uncharted.

Misterhbk2713d ago

Hmm...Well what about all the other games coming in November?

Mario 3DS Land?
Zelda Skyward Sword?
Vita (in Japan at least and I'm assuming it gets a Nov. Release)

Lots of competition for ol' Sonic and lots of audiences too.

battyschlaps1222713d ago

Out of those games you just mentioned, only Zelda and Mario probably overlap with Sonic Generations. If you think about it, the Sonic series appeals to the younger audience more than anyone.

Good luck trying to convince me that 9 year olds are heavily anticipating the release of Battlefield 3, MW3 and Skyrim.

ChickeyCantor2713d ago

"that 9 year olds are heavily anticipating the release of Battlefield 3, MW3"

O trust me, lots do.

Michael-Jackson2713d ago

Not really a big impact since it targets different audience.

I'm getting both but if I had to choose 1 I would pick Uncharted 3.

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