Official Xbox Magazine: The Gunstringer Review

Official Xbox Magazine writes: Even if you never play Gunstringer, its ingenious live-action intro is a must-see. A roving camera enters a theater, passes the audience, then swoops behind the curtain, following harried stagehands through last-minute prep for a puppet show. Once the show starts, you realize it’s the very thing you’re about to play.

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Bigpappy2714d ago

Seriously? Is it that good? I was expecting 7's and 6's with a few 8's here and there. But this game is getting serious love from the media. I love 'Fruit Ninja Kinect' and already bought it. Now I am faced with a bit of a delema.

Biggest2714d ago

A simplistic game with short length and limited replayability gets a 9/10. Seems to fit in with other simplistic games with short length and limited replayability.

JokesOnYou2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Here's the thing though, kinect games are competing with themselves, a 9/10 here just indicates its a great game for what it is....much in the same way many wii games were not compared to ps3 and 360 games standard game releases, given the huge difference in gameplay, game mechanics and accessibility which frankly is targeted *mostly at a very different audience. Aside from the obvious "hands free" motion controls the wii & move do offer comparable game types so thats the scale I think kinect is graded on. It's very similar to how scores for Arcade titles are not compared to scores of full release games because the reviewers/gamers know going in that xbla or psn arcade and indie games aren't utilizing advance graphics, AI, features etc. there meant to be fun nostalgic games that hopefully offer something unique with great gameplay= if they manage to nail that generally they score highly....still make no mistake a 93 rating for Braid is very different type of rating and does not imply its on the same quality level as the 93 Gears2 recieved. Therefore understanding this concept, I don't think its a stretch to say that there are very few "long length and highly replayable" built from the ground up experiences specifically for motion control games out there.

gamingdroid2714d ago

Another great game for Kinect... NO?

Slowly, but surely there are quality titles for the little device that couldn't.

Ayepecks2714d ago

It's a game from a quality developer, why would you expect such low scores? You guys act like Kinect and Move are plagues. If a game's designed from the ground up for those technologies, developers can make some great games.

I played The Gunstringer for a little over an hour, and it's fantastic. I hadn't bought Fruit Ninja Kinect (knew I was getting Gunstringer), though, and lost track of how much I was playing it (three hours), hah.

aviator1892714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I honestly thought this game would be twisted pixel's first poor game, but tons of reviews with great scores are pouring in so I guess twisted pixel still haven't lost their magic yet.

IM_A_NINJA2714d ago

People have to keep in mind that Kinect is still less then a year old. We are seeing more and more "core" titles pop up. I only bought 3 Kinect titles last year, already doubled that this year if you count Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2.
Gunstringer is unique and a lot of fun, anyone with Kinect should try it out.