White Knight Chronicles II Gets Day One DLC In North America

TGH Writes: "White Knight Chronicles II has just released today in North America and many fans are just getting their hands on it. If anyone wants a head start on their European friends they might want to check out the DLC for the title that is also available now and runs fairly cheap."

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FanOfGaming2714d ago

Just some hairstyles and minor stuff, nothing huge

ShadyDevil2714d ago

Well its not major DLC yet. Its just some stuff for die hard fans to level up quicker and gain more money faster.

WildArmed2714d ago

lol they sure love their makeover DLC.
I'm looking forward to importing my WKC data and getting to play w/ my character race/etc. :D

Dart892714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I'm surprised this game dosen't have online pass seeing as it's a first party studio of Sony.

@below ah thank you for clearing that up.

Persistantthug2714d ago

In America, White Knight Chronicles 2 is published by Namco Bandai.

SoundGamer2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Actually, it does have an online pass (and that is not because of Sony or D3Pub). That is a Level 5 thing. It was the same with the original game. You needed a pass to access the GeoNet (for those not familiar with the series, that is the online side of WKC).

It's on the back of the manual. I'm playing the game right now.

Also, in America White Knight Chronicles is not published by Namco Bandai as stated above, rather it is published by D3 Publisher.

FamilyGuy2714d ago

Actually there was no online pass requirement in WKCs1.

Raven_Nomad2714d ago ShowReplies(4)
UltimateIdiot9112714d ago

Sigh, just too many good games. This is on my list as I am a fan of Level 5's work.

nealane2714d ago

Has any dlc 4 this game come out in europe yet?

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