Sony's PS3 With Blu-ray Gets Back In the Game

Sony's price-cut news of course may also be good news for Sony's Blu-ray high def platform, since that player is built into every PS3. But remember, when retailers like Walmart Wal-Mart slashed prices on the Toshiba-backed HD DVD players during a one-day sale a couple of weeks ago, Blu-ray supporters seized on the move as a "fire sale" by that platform's backers to unload inventory nobody wanted.

Now that Sony has cut the cost of the PS3, its move is being lauded as a brilliant strategic move to boost sales of the otherwise under-performing PS3 that hasn't met initial sales goals. However, this could also have a big impact on the format war.

The fact is, Blu-ray is vastly outselling HD DVD simply because it is embedded in the PS3. But that's not necessarily such a vote of confidence for the platform since NPD released a study saying as many as 60% of PS3 buyers weren't even aware there was a Blu-ray player in the device. Will the PS3 pricecut give Blu-ray a big boost in sales? Only time will tell.

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marinelife94922d ago

Again the problem is that some people like myself bought the PS3 (get this!) to watch blu-ray movies and to play games on! (gasp! I know shocking) I went into my purchase of my PS3 as a HD media hub (wrong of me to think that way I know).

The other problem Toshiba has with HD-DVD is they keep lauding the attach rate of their players at the same time stating that their stand alone players have outsold Blu-Ray players. However disc sales are 2:1 in support of Blu-Ray. Toshiba keeps ignoring PS3 owners that buy movies (like myself) to their own detriment. They need to get into some serious talks with MS to put a player in a 360.

eagle214922d ago

I have been waiting for these titles. I think every PS3 owner will at least buy 1 or 2, from here to calamazoo, bye bye hd dvd, say hello to Blu!

WAR_MACHINE774922d ago

its kalamazoo. I live there and it is a real place.

Torch4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Kalamazoo...ah, good times, good times, indeed!

Well, not that I've actually BEEN there:

During high school, me and three buddies decided to take a day off a la Ferris Bueller. So we randomly chose a relatively close place on the map that sounded the most interesting, and Kalamazoo was it.

For reasons I can`t recall, the closest we got to Kalamazoo was Toledo, Ohio:

US: "Hi, we're from Toronto...what's there to do here in Toledo?"

Confused-looking Random Toledo Resident: "Here in Toledo???...there ain't nothing to do here in Toledo...except drink."

So we went to the Levi`s outlet instead.

That`s what I affectionately refer to as the Lake Erie Trip: We left Toronto in my buddy's Geo Tracker in -30 Celsius weather (BAD idea with a soft-top...utter torture in that tiny, drafty back seat) at 3:30am, and did a sleep-deprived full lap through four states and around Lake Erie in EXACTLY 24 hours...but not before almost naively getting mugged and killed in an infamous area of Detroit affectionately referred to as The Flash, and pathetically failing to score with some Pennsylvanian chicks (obviously as a result of lack of short-term hygiene - or so I like to tell myself.)

Ah, Kalamazoo...I never got to know you, but you'll live in my heart forever (kinda like my poor, dusty Wii!)

BTW: Obviously, there wasn't anything to do in Toronto, either! ;)

LSDARBY4922d ago

Ive bought 2 movies so far, Spiderman 3 & Die Hard 4. And i got a free Casino Royale.

chester4922d ago

wow, those are some horrible movies, except for casino royale of course.

Danja4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

so you also hated POTC. then..??

chester4922d ago

i enjoyed the original and dead man's chest to a lesser extent. world's end seemed to suffer the same fate as spiderman 3. to much crap going on and they got away from what worked. i have the first on blu-ray and still enjoy that movie once in awhile.

ruibing4922d ago

Blu Ray has some awesome movies, but of course everyone is a critic. I already got Pirates trilogy, Ratatouille, Cars, and Pixar shorts. I may pick up Die Hard trilogy and Spiderman trilogy.

I really think the only real problem for PS3 owners is funding. We have way too much things to buy when it comes to games and movies, so it's just going to have to be a difficult decision between being a lil selfish in getting a game for yourself or buying a movie for the family (or in my case gf).

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Danja4922d ago

haha Bloodmask give it up..Blu-ray was never out of the game..the title should have been

"can $99 HD-DVD players get Toshiba back in the game"

BLU RAY FTW....and Die Hard 4..was a good movie ..Spiderman 3 not so much but it was watchable..

chester4922d ago

i guess i just hated the pg-13 john maclane. the original die hard is pretty much my favourite action movie ever. die hard 4 was just ridiculously over the top for me.

Grassroots4922d ago

I actually really enjoy Die Hard, had the same formula without the constant swearing (sigh). The one part that made me sad was the ending "Yippie Kih Yih Yah motherf (insert gunshot)." I love that line in the first 3 and it got censored bah.

andy0014922d ago

By the end of 2007 I will have 10 Blu Ray movies, 9 Blu Ray (PS3) games.

Not a bad attachment rate for a system only 9 months old (in the UK). I'll also have 12 360 games though & 400 DVD movies, so world domination is out this year I think :o)

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