3 Games you need to play this September

"Fall gaming season is in full swing and some of the biggest titles of the year have already started hitting the stores. You need to start saving money already, in order to buy all of these great games. September alone seems quite heavy on the wallet that is why we decided to make things slightly easier for you. Here’s a definitive list of three games releasing this month that you need to play no matter what."

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gameguru2715d ago

Thank God there's no Dead Island there

ATi_Elite2715d ago

Red Orchestra 2
Hard Reset
Nuclear Dawn

Son_Lee2715d ago

Serious lack of Ico/SotC Collection.

Canary2715d ago

No one needs to play those games this September. They're old. We should have played them both already.

The lack of Disgaea 4 is far, far more disturbing.

Son_Lee2715d ago

Disgaea interests me, but I hate strategy RPGs personally. Lots of people missed Ico & SotC, and even those that already played it should experience it in HD.

Same goes for both RE HD titles.

Cpt_kitten2715d ago

white knight chronicles 2
team ico collection
hard reset
disgaea 4
dead island

what about these??? someone needs to expand there gaming horizons, nothing wrong with those 3 but there are tons of other awesome games too

banjadude2715d ago

you have great taste in games, my friend.

Agheil2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

NO! how could you forget UNCHARTED 3
LOL srry didnt see the september part

MysticStrummer2715d ago

1) No thanks. I played that sport for about ten years, but can't stand videogames based on it and don't get into sports videogames in general. 2) I'll get it eventually, but I already spent money on Dead Island. (mistake) 3) No thanks. I thought the original Gears would make me want a 360, but it didn't. I may have to spring for Ico/SotC. I still have my PS2 copies but I want to see them in Hi-Def and get some Trophies while re-playing two of my all time favorite games.

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