GameTrailers - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

GT: As Warhammer 40K: Space Marine is charging onto the modern console, it's clear that the game's hero, Captain Titus, has his bloody work cut out for him.

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dirthurts2718d ago

under scored in my opinion, but a great game any way you churn it.
It's just freakin fun, and a challenge.
There really aren't any game breakers.
Story is fair enough for an action game.

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2718d ago

underscored? lol. I didnt like the demo, It wasnt fun to me. Maybe cuz I know nothing about the warhammer universe but the dialogue was lame. The rip on Gears to strong to ignore. The cherry on top of all that is all the fake reviews on metacritic favoring the game. new accounts only reviewing the pc, 360 and psd warhammer space marine game and giving it 10's .
complete with fake praise like "this game owns man, its better than Gears" lol. THQ goonsquad wrote them.

Myst2718d ago

I would say the score eh at this point is pretty close to what I'd give some problems (On PC at least) with some sound sputtering issues. Then you have Multiplayer at this point giving some problems if all that had worked I would have pushed that score way up. Then again I really dig Warhammer 40,000 after getting all the Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2 titles not to mention Kill Team so my opinion may be invalid. Either way as it is now I still enjoy slowly progressing through story mode and can't wait to see.

One more thing I really can't wait for is that co-op mode next month.