Resistance 3 Superhuman Difficulty Wakthrough with Journals

Having trouble getting the Brutal trophy in Resistance 3? Here’s a full, high definition video walkthrough for the game on superhuman difficulty. As an added bonus, the locations of all 41 journals are included.

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dc12717d ago

Making my way through for the brutal trophy right now! (... actually, taking a say hi to the wife break right now....which in turn is being disrupted by N4G)

GTRrocker2717d ago

I am on the Superhuman play through right now. It isn't that hard actually. No where near as hard as the Dead Space Impossible or Hardcore difficulties. I die a lot but I just need to learn to take cover more.

dc12717d ago

That's good to know.
There were a few spots on normal that took me a few 're-takes' to get through. Just knowing when to be very aggressive and when to lay back and pluck the chimera's off was a big deal for me.

Here's to hoping I can deploy the same strategies.

GTRrocker2717d ago

Just be really defensive. Take cover and try to find the locations of all of the heath packs when in battle. Doing a first play through really helped me out because I knew what to expect. I have also been using the Deadeye, auger, and the marksman. Also be sure to always use the secondary fire for the bullseye. Normally I never do, but it really helped me out of a jam when I need to kill an enemy right before I was about to die.

dc12717d ago

Thanks for the tips GTRrocker!

spektical2717d ago

someone wanna add me to do this? would love the help...

psn: extravegant

banjadude2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

A lot of people on gamefaqs are actually looking for superhuman co-op partners, right now.

I'd help you, but I already got my platinum, and my brother wants to play the game now...

dc12717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Wait.... Can you get the Brutal trophy through co-op?
Google is my friend the answer is yes!

Just saw your comments below ARIJayden! This will make it much more fun (less Brutal) to run through!

banjadude2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Yes sir, you can indeed! Also, you can do the levels in ANY order, since the game auto tracks and updates your progress accordingly!

Pintheshadows2717d ago

I'm gearing up to it but i'm not looking forward to one particular bit in NY. I had to trial and error through it.

dc12717d ago

let me guess 'defending against the counter attack'? That gave me grief on normal (at lest 4 tries to hold it down).

Pintheshadows2716d ago

Got it in one. I'm really not looking forward to it. That was tough anyway.

GTRrocker2716d ago

I loved NY. It was tough, but it was so much fun using the auger to scope out those aliens hiding in that building right before breaking through those two Chimera doors to disable the shield to get further into NY. Very fun and I used my weapon wheel a lot to come up with strategies on how I would be victorious.