Unreal Tournament 3 Modders get SpeedTree for Free

Unprecedented full access to foliage technology for amateur level builders:

Unreal Tournament 3 will be the latest game to feature IDV's SpeedTree foliage middleware – and the first to give exclusive access to the technology to the modding community.

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BigKev454927d ago

Just bring on the PS3 version.

Darkiewonder4927d ago

Is using SpeedTree for The Last Remnant as well!

Beren4927d ago

These are good news, the people of SpeedTree was allways reserved to share the tools, in the beginning of Oblivion, and this is great for the mod community. I'll get back to mod yay!!!!!
Thx for the news :D

Lumbo4927d ago

YAY, instantly pasted the link to our modding crew. Speedtree is better than the ut2004 darn tree meshes :p