Monster Hunter 3G bundles detailed

Excited about Monster Hunter 3G? Click past the jump to take a look at the bundles Capcom are offering Japanese gamers when the game releases this year. Even though these deals are for Japan, it will give you an idea of what will be up for grabs when it arrives in America and Europe.

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thephillup2718d ago

Is this as big of a deal here in the US and Europe? I've never heard too much about it.

supergameboy2718d ago

It's insanely popular in Japan, but it definitely has a following else where.

battyschlaps1222718d ago

I don't understand the hype. The game looks kinda boring to me.

rezzah2717d ago

Its a game you either love or hate.

i've been with he MH series since it came out in NA back in 2004. I know a lot about how works, and how people dislike it for various reasons. Be it a good (no patience) reason or terrible (no lock on system) reason.

But what MH games have to offer that msot games fail to even accomplish is the system of gameplay that rewards you greatly. And by greatly I mean if you persevere through all the trials and step in order to understand the basics at the very least (which takes hours), then you will get a feeling of accomplishment, its like a drug, that feeling.

The accomplishment in defeating monster after many hours of trying is the greatest thing about MH (well its coop system is the best out there too). OF course it isn't always like that, only during your first tries, and there will be failures. However it will eventually turn out to be for you ---> what once took hours to learn how to kill becomes 40 mins, then it becomes 25 mins, and then if you get really awesome armor and powerful weapons it will become 10 or less. Of course these time greatly reduce with the help of others through coop.

TruthbeTold2718d ago

battyschlaps122, this is a country that's been fascinated with monsters for a long time. From Godzilla to Pokemon ya know? Americans like a free roaming do whatever you like R.P.G.'s like Elder Scrolls and the like, Japan loves Monsters, and R.P.G.'s built around them.

ashbc2718d ago

I can't say I'm excited about Monster Hunter but I know that they love it in Japan. Could work miracles for the 3DS over there.

battyschlaps1222718d ago

It definitely needs a push. Between this and Monster Hunter 4, the Japanese will be frothing at the gash for the 3DS.

battyschlaps1222718d ago

Japanese gamers are strange, they love this stuff. In fact, I think Japan is just weird in general.

rezzah2717d ago

im sure they think the same about your culture too.

everyone thinks the other culture is the weird one because their own culture is viewed as "normal". that's because they grew up in it for it to become "normal" to them.

NESpower2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I wonder if this was on vita would the comments be so "monster hunter meh" It's a great move to get two MH's.

ZoidsRaven2718d ago

Have you seen the comments on MH3G/MH4 articles?

rezzah2717d ago

I would love a MH title on the vita, infact I think Capcom showed us gameplay of MH 3rd on the Vita. they were sowing how the second analog would work with the games camera system.

jsslifelike2718d ago

GAWD, that attachment makes the 3DS look like the goddamned control key for the Black Lion in Voltron...

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