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After Xbox 360: Microsoft's next console

How fast will the new Xbox be? How many core will its CPU and GPU have? How much memory and processing power will it have? What media storage and other built-in features will it have? takes educated guesses and looks at the specs of Xbox 2011.

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BigKev454958d ago

The next Xbox will be the S**t.

lynx1halo4958d ago

By 2011 Microsoft will extend the XBROKE720 warranty to 5 years as its new and improved !!5 fans..and now with even bigger power brick!!! will crash and burn every month or so...

marinelife94958d ago

Only about 3 more years. Not long at all.

deadpreacher4958d ago

Sad part is, is that i like and expect a new console every 5 to 7 years tops! 5 years is just long enough where you wanting something newer and more powerfull. 7 years you seen basicaly ever last bit of power the system can muster and its truely showing its age behind PC games. As long as PC games keep pulling ahead i will be looking forward to a new console to keep up. So yes a new Xbox around 2011 is more than welcome with me! Since PC games are already pulling ahead on what any of the next gen consoles can do today just think what it will be like by 2011!?

therealwillie4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

i think this is hilarious, the console is out about two years and everyone is already talking about the next one

deadpreacher4958d ago

Well what do you expected? 3 more years and its about time to start looking forward to a new system! In 2 years we should hopefully be getting new info on the stats of the new consoles and what to expect. Besides even when the new Gen comes you can bet everyone is going to be wanting and wondering whats next just as quick.

Its great for a console to be supported for years after the Gen is up. Yet its even better to keep moven forward when the time comes. Also its really not that far away from now! So why not be excited about it!? Most of us have already been in the next gen gameing for 2 years now so 3 or 4 more years is about right. Not are fault if you waited its yours alone.

IRONMAN_X_3574957d ago

hahahahaha come on dude, your right it will be sh*t, if they do do it, you do re3lize that there fanbase will not grow, and once again ps3 will sell 140 million again, or even more, i know that

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paul_war4958d ago

I disagree with the built-in camera & built-in microphone, i'm sure it will be technically possible, but accessories is were all the money is!

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Oblivioner4958d ago

have 33 Red Rings of Death. Yes

Meus Renaissance4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

The next Xbox, and the next PlayStation will obviously be more powerful. We can look at those staggering technical figures right now and be in awe, but by the time they come out we won't be as much. What, instead, could awe us, what will distinguish the consoles are the games.

Because I like PlayStation games, I will get a PS4 regardless of its technical capabilities and I'm sure the vast majority of you, even those who can never imagine it, will choose your next console - not because of its name - but because of the games.

Original comment "I'll get a PS4 because I'm a fan of PlayStation games". Edited because it hit a few nerves and some major arteries belonging to Bloodmask.

Saint Sony4958d ago

In that case.. WAIT BEYOND.

People are already waiting for games, think about waiting the PS4.. wow.

BIoodmask4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

Your whole comment is sad. This thread is about the successor to the Xbox 360. What the hec does your comment do except induce a flame war. I was under the impression that the comments posted on the thread were actually supposed to be about the article.

Silly me though, obviously only a fanboy would do this, so I must be mistaken (insert sarcasm).

Kuest4958d ago


I think it is time to add another fanboy to the list...

Such a shame.

rofldings4958d ago

Oh shut the fuc|< up, bloodmask.

Like I don't see you on PS3 threads posting negative comments. Quit acting like you're not a fanboy.

SmokeyMcBear4958d ago

well considering the ps4 wont come out for 5 years, most likey 2012... so yes.. that is waiting beyond I guess. But enjoy paying another 500 bucks for the next 360 that comes out in 2009, just hope it has more backwards compatibility

Kuest4958d ago

On what basis do you make such a claim?


Yes, of course. Never mind the fact that MS was losing substantial amounts of money on each console sold, while ALSO suffering dismal sales compared to the PS2. Funny how we sometimes overlook the WHY as opposed to the "WHAT happened".

My friend, whether or not MS decides to introduce a new console will be determined through the 360's market share. If it manages to retain a relative dominance in comparison to the PS3... expect MS to hold a while longer.

Its all about revenue and profits (among other things, but I won't get into that).

PS3n3604958d ago

Meus seems to be quickly sliding into just another Sony retard. The last several comments of yours I have read have gone from unbiased to just plain fangirly. Dont forget how you got all those bubbles, it wasnt by coming into xbox threads and starting flame wars. Its gonna be a long way down to one bubble but no one is invincible.

Meus Renaissance4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

This article is talking about the next Xbox - which should interest or appeal to every gamer because its a general discussion about the next generation of hardware. I read it because I was interested. So I made a comment about the PlayStation games, did you read my comment? It implied that regardless of the hardware specifications, what appeals about consoles are the games on that platform. You and many others, ironically, have spouted the same point over and over again to rebuke the Sony fanboys who sing about the power of the Cell processor. I like PlayStation games so I'll be very interested in the PS4 - regardless of it's specifications. But if those games were lost to Microsoft, then I'd be interested in the Xbox.

I wasn't dismissing the Xbox brand, I was dismissing hardware specifications because as we've seen in this generation, it really doesn't matter.

Oh, I liked the part where you accuse me of flamebait. You, good sir, are legendary for that, more than any other fanboy on this website. You know it's interesting because it almost seems like you're trying to speak intelligently, maturely, and from an objective point of view. It's even more funny you negate and criticise fanboys - as if, as if almost you are not a fanboy yourself.

One minute you complain about how some "fanboys" try to distort an article but not using its original headline, in order to spin it for their own purpose. The next minute, you do the exact same thing; so you're hypocrisy is well known to me especially, and I'm sure others would find it hard pressed not to.

But I agree, however, my comment was poorly conveyed and it could have been interpreted as some sort of attack or criticism of people's console choice and for that I apologise to anyone who was offended by it. But Bloodmask, don't even waste my time of accusing me or anyone else of being a fanboy. That's not sad, that's not offensive, that's just damn right funny.

Yes I'm a PlayStation fan but I'm not Sony fanboy. I'm quite capable of hating on Sony, as many have seen recently, but I don't go hating on other platforms or games - which is I think the main DNA of what people can fanboys nowdays; not ones that defend their consoles, but ones that attack other consoles. For gods sake, even my comment on the surface - all it says is that I like PlayStation games so I'll get a PS4. If I had said something stupid like, "the PS4 will still be better", then I can understand the complaints yet if anyone here, because I imagine mostly 360 owners would be reading this article, said something negative about the PS3/4, no one would be accusing that person of flamebait. But because I'm a PS3 fan, have 9 bubbles, I'm a big target?

And for those who are itching their balls to put me on Ignore or take a Bubble, go ahead and do it if it'll make you feel that just much better about your day because it won't affect me either way.

Love, Meus

Kuest4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

but he just can't seem to spin it, can he?

No meus, the only thing more pathetic than your #5 comment is the explanation you gave to defend it. What's even more disgraceful is that you probably do not RECOGNIZE how dumb your last post just sounded! Sometimes its better to shut up, take your losses, and just be content to your redeem yourself in another post.

As it stands, you will need to experience another "Renaissance" in order to get yourself out of the fanboy rut-house that you put yourself in.

As Bloodmask stated earlier- no one cares whether or not you are interested in the PS3... this thread is about the 360. Troll elsewhere.

I don't have to ignore you. I'll just make do with you the way I deal with other nincompoop fanboys.


So i take it you ignored the gist of my argument. Let me, in way of one sentence, summarize my earlier post for you: STOP TRYING TO DEFEND YOURSELF.

You cannot, Bloodmask was RIGHT. Whether or not, he is a fanboy is irrelevant. Why? Because you made the STUPID comment, and he- seeing that it was wrong- simply called you out. Your response- to insult him.

Oh, but when I spoon-feed you a taste of your own distorted medicine... you call foul and ignore! Fine. But, don't think that will stop me- so if you make a [email protected] comment, EXPECT me to call you out just as I would any other fanboy. If you make a good comment, EXPECT me to compliment you.

That's just the way it works- now STOP GIVING EXCUSES.

Meus Renaissance4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

I've had many arguments here where, when I see that I'm wrong or have nothing to say - I'm not that arrogant to continue pointless excercises.

I responded to Bloodmask explaining my comment and how it had no ill-malice. Logically, why would it? For one, I wouldn't want to start to insult and anger people especially on an article that will predominantly be for 360 owners. I admitted that my original comment was poorly conveyed but my response tried to explain what was going through my mind - so to dismiss and call it pathetic just goes to show that you are more than happy enough to assume the worst of me, even though its not in my character to make "fanboy" statements or attack another console in the face of its owners. Think about that.

I accept the heat I got, because, yes I can see how it was misunderstood and how I'm generally not loved and adored (being sarcastic there) but some of the more prudent posters here and they had their moment with me, not disputing that. However I myself, after holding my hand up, still maintain that I was misunderstood and then I went on to address his tone of response to me (Mr Blood) in relation to his accusations of fanboys. Call me a fanboy, I don't mind anymore - I doubt there are many left who haven't been accused of such a thing, but to be called that by someone who is universally accepted as a hypocrite fanboy here, is well, just wrong and even offensive towards me and embarrassing towards him.

It'd be like the Mart ravaging Sony fanboys, for being fanboys. Or Nasim doing the same. It's not about the specific accusation, but the actual context - them saying it! It's irony in its most poetic form.

I'm sure they appreciate that; for example the story on how Howard Stringer proclaimed Sony sold 100,000 in a week, not everyone will buy that, not even I. Why? Because its coming from Sony, I'd rather wait for an independent source, and there are several comments who expressed the same there because its pure irony for people to believe him without doubt.

Back to my comment, I should have went into more detail with it. I think the next consoles being powerful, is a granted. There is no need to speculate how much RAM or how powerful it's CPU will be. Take this generation for example, one person could enjoy a Wii game more than a PS3/Xbox 360 game. The Cell is meant to be one of the most powerful processors of our time, yet it's not really producing anything to raise eye brows and I'm personally part of the wagon that doesn't care for hardware specifications. It's all about the games for me.

I had an Xbox, I could have kept it but I didn't. I sold it to get more money for PS3 games which I wanted and I love, nothing on the 360 interested me anymore. People, at the end of the day, buy consoles for games, regardless if it has 512MB of RAM or 4GB of RAM. And that's the underlining point, which I regret in not specifying, of my original comment.

You can dismiss me, you can mock me, you can insult me and you can accuse me (because people rarely get the opportunity to do that) but either way, I stand by my point. Although not the comment - that was just a mistake in written form.


Did you even read my reply? I agreed and said my original comment was poorly written and its own form probably interpretable as flamebait, I have no dispute in regards to that. But my point is now trying to explain what I had in my mind, which is that regardless of hardware, it's the games that matter. I'm not defending my original comment so why do you keep saying that I am? I am defending my original thought which was not shown through that comment, hence I am showing it here.

And you wanna stalk me? Hey press TRACK under my Member name, I'd love your views on my opinions. But hey I support your efforts in crushing fanboys 100%, I'd give you a gold star sticker but I can't find one. So instead this will do, from me to you.

* its a star

BIoodmask4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

You amuse me because you edit your original comment to appear to be less flaming. Just wanted to thank you for adding some humor to my day. By the way ever since I made this new account I don't even go into PS3 news sections to post comments.

It is true that I prefer Xbox 360 but I don't feel the need to force my opinion on others bc I know they don't care.

Meus Renaissance I will save you the embarrassment of posting what your comment originally said. Kuest and the others who responded already know.

Meus Renaissance4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

Ofcourse I changed my original comment. But I haven't changed my view. I agreed with you and the others from the get-go that my original comment was poorly written so I fixed it to how it should have looked like. Do you have an issue with that aswell?

Embarrassment? No I'm not embarrassed. I would be though if I constantly contradicted myself and then be mocked by dozens and dozens of members daily for stupid articles.

Yeah I changed my pic but it's not showing on my screen for some reason? Hmm. I still have this one, but I changed it to a Smallville picture. It takes like a day for it to refresh for me, which was weird.

EDIT: Lmao, you made the comment about me changing my pic because you construed as if I was changing my identity from all of this "embarrassment?" Oh wow. I just realised that.

fredy4958d ago

Meus Renaissance - "The next Xbox, and the next PlayStation will obviously be more powerful."

what a turd of a fanboy [Meus].

This has nothing to do with the PS3 or 4. But you choose to respond in that manner, as always if your not defending Sony and the PS3, your praising everything about it.

about the next Xbox 360

-Modified Intel Core CPU
-Small SSD HDD for the OS, and 250 Gig drive
-BD or HD-DVD whatever wins
-Modified GPU with 1 gig RAM

Can't wait, I rather have the latest and the greatest every 5 years providing games are 100% BC, I have no issues.

Meus Renaissance4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )


I'm growing impatient of constantly explaining myself. You quoted only a single sentence out of several responses I have made and I have to explain my opinion as best as I could.

I will, however, explain one more time for you.

To me, this article isn't just about the Xbox. When you think about those hardware figures that are speculated on the article, you wonder how powerful these machines will become and therefore your sights are immediately put on how great the games could become. Because, what is 8GB of RAM if it's not for the games? No one would care, you know what I mean? So my opinion was that, this translates to games. And for me, I don't put thought into how powerful the consoles will be - they will be more powerful anyway, that's not up for debate. But what will distinguish them are the games.

In my original comment, I didn't express that in detail and it was mistaken for some sort of fanboy statement of dismissing the Xbox or something.

On a personal note, I do not always defend the PS3 actually. I'm always honest with my posts, check back on my recent comments for the past week. I got hate because I criticised Sony on the Drake demo situation, I got heat for saying that the console should be selling 100,000 a week anyway to have a chance of over leaping the competition, and hence downplayed the "new sales figures". But I mainly do my defense against ignorant people who attack the console with silly comments, and I get support for that by other PS3 owners. That pretty much sums up my role on N4G.

Biphter4957d ago

I agree with you and understand what you are trying to say. But it seems that people are quick to jump on you purely because of your status here. I too have owned Playstation machines right from the start, and its not because I like Sony (I Hated them when Dreamcast died) but its the games that appear on Sony machines that I like.

I've tried Xbox 360 too, Didn't like the types of games appearing at the time and sold it to fund my PS3. I must admit having the PS3 so early felt a bit how it did in the early days for PS2, only having a few games worthy of purchase (But at least some I enjoy) Motorstorm and Resistance of course. And I found myself tiding over on PSN games. Especially Super Stardust HD. When that game got announced I was over the moon, I loved the Amiga original. Anyway, point being that I prefer the types of games on Playstation and believe that in time, like the past has proven, Sony will pull out some marvels, and to my taste. Its already showing now with Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Uncharted. I'm excited about these games! But hey, if it all goes to pot and Sony "Do a Sega" then i'll be there to "jump In" once again.

And when it comes to the people here that are having a go at you, you'll never reason with them and they'll always find a way to twist what you say becasue they want to diss you out.

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