The Rock Officially Lays The Smackdown on John Cena

THQ has officially announced on its Facebook page that The Rock will grace the cover of the Collector's Edition of WWE '12.

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Bull5hifT2711d ago

Who is John Cena?, it was cool seeing THE ROCK fight Vin Diesel... In fast and furious,always wanted that to happen

DlocDaBudSmoka2711d ago

quit the BS. non wrestling fans know who john cena is. ya know he the WWE 2000s version of WWF 80s hulk hogan

Shazz2711d ago

lmfao cena is nowere near hulk hogan , rock or austin . the guy gets booed everywere he goes and cant even wrestle . hes only the main man coz kids like the colourful tshirts

DlocDaBudSmoka2711d ago

exactly like hogan. u dont remember the say ur prayers and eat ur vitamins? thats the equivalent of hustle, loyalty, respect. i know for a fact cena cant wrestle. its always the same 5 moves of doom. in my defense tho, i was never a hogan fan. well not the good guy hogan, hollywood was a different story. :)