Crysis newest console build looks far better then the trailer

Crytek speaks out on how their newer build looks far better and has more foliage.

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Shaman2712d ago

Always said...People don't jump to conclusions, and don't judge by crappy low quality old build youtube screen caps. This looks pretty awesome, got to say!

Mrmagnumman3572712d ago

yes it definitely does. Cant wait till october, bf3 and crysis !, but which one will look better ?

Theonetheonly2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Glad everyone gets to play it.

But please guys after this comes out dont act like crysis isnt still the monster it is just because they ported to consoles.

Enjoy the game learn the story, but dont discount The massive Improvement on all fronts that the pc version offers to this game when the next console gen launches you too will have the opportunity to experience the image fidelity that us pc gamers brag about this gen and you will know exactly why we were so vigilent in declaring a separation between these two platforms I swear on a lot of things I own that the time will come that you will totally get "it"

it being the absolutely stunning difference in image quality you get with our newer harware which can only be seen on the hardware itself and seeing as how most of you are judging screenshots this opportunity will most likely come with the next gen of consoles.

I swear that you will see.

so enjoy be full and happy.


Bereaver2712d ago


Are you even paying attention to anything besides it's about Crysis? They're saying the current build has more foliage than the current builds shown on youtube.

HappyGaming2711d ago

I go on holiday and this happens???

What ever happened to PS3 and 360 are too outdated to run Crysis??

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egidem2712d ago

This is actually looking very good, considering how dated the console's GPUs are. Well, at least this gives a chance for those people out there who never had a PC capable of playing the game.

It's a good game. I consider it to be better than its sequel (my opinion).

ATi_Elite2712d ago

Looks good for a console game!

Hey i wonder does it have the tree physics? you know like when you shoot a tree in half and then shoot that half into halves like on the PC.

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arjman2712d ago

But can it run Crysis? YES!

No seriously, it just goes to show what optimisation can do in video games.

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Solans Scott2712d ago

I was going to buy it anyway. Good news all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.