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The Controller Online writes: "GSP is one of the best and is currently enjoying a very long un-beaten streak. Is this enough to get your vote for the Undisputed 3 cover?"

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red2tango2715d ago

GSP needs to finish Condit or else he'll always be #2 to Anderson Silva.

SquareEnixFan2715d ago

A win is a win. GSP dominates all his opponents. That is all that matters.

red2tango2715d ago

How can you disagree with him being #2? GSP is my favourite fighter but he doesn't finish. He does fight tough guys but since his Serra loss, he lost that killer instinct. I would think that if GSP lost to Condit, he would come back meaner than ever.

SquareEnixFan2715d ago

I'm not disagreeing with the ranking. My main problem was the whole he has to finish thing. I didn't know you were a fellow GSP fan. Too many haters have used his lack of finishes against him. I hope he does get the finish against Condit just to shut them up.

BX812715d ago

He'll be #2 compared to anderson silva unless he beats silva. Anderson went on a streak where he looked bored and didn't finish cats. It didn't even look like he was trying. GSP on the other hand is trying and can't even finish fighters. KOS is the perfect example. I don't like either fighter but GSP is no where near anderson silva's level. Silva holds the most records on top of that. On a side note, I would love to hear everyones predictions on rampage/jones.

SquareEnixFan2715d ago

GSP is my favorite fighter but even I don't believe he would beat Anderson. I just get so sick of the you aren't a good fighter unless you get the finish argument. GSP doesn't just win, he dominates.

As for Rampage vs Jones, as a fan of Rampage I'm pulling for him to get the victory but Jones has been dominant and shown no weaknesses. I think Rampage will be the first fighter to really hurt Jones. Rampage by TKO in the 2nd.

BX812714d ago

I believe you can dominate a fight even if you don't finish but if some are going to try and compare the 2 then you have to look at the finishes. You can dominate a guy for 5 rounds or you can make quick work of him. I think making quick work is better. I would love to see anderson vs. Brian stan or sonnen. BJ is my favorite fighter. I think he beat GSP the 1st time but there was no doubt in my mind unless he knocked out GSP quick in the second fight he was going to have a hard time. BJ has heart and even fights out of his weight but GSP can change levels to quick. They timed his jab in the BJ penn fight and bj had .3 tenths of a second time to react. I would love to see BJ vs GSP3 now that BJ trains with matt huges. You could see the difference in the fitch fight. He just needs to build up that muscular endurance needed to wrestle. As for GSP and Silva I hear a lot of people say GSP will take him down and wear him out. Chael took that approach and silva proved he was still dangerous. Also I don't think people understand the length of silva or his size. He went up to 205 and was bigger than James irvin and just as big as forest, if not bigger. Damn I could type about this all day. I agree though, with what you said. Unfortunatly #1 is racking and submitting guys and #2 isn't. I think GSP vs. Conduit will be a great fight. As long as he doesn't do what a lot of guys do when they get in there with silva/gsp and just stand there like they really didn't have a gameplan... lol.