Pixelated Sausage: Quick Thoughts on Dead Island

Marc from Pixelated Sausage comments on his initial experience with Dead Island, including a list of "Fun Facts."

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DFogz2711d ago

From article - "Dead Island has the thirstiest woman in the world"
Could someone elaborate? I haven't played it yet, but whatever that it sounds comical.

Kush2711d ago

There is a simply a crazy woman who is always asking for water. It is a constantly open quest that rewards a small amount of XP for every bottle of water you bring her. She never says, "I think I've had enough for now," and always acts like she hasn't had a single droplet of water despite giving her well over a dozen bottles in under thirty seconds.

BattleTorn2711d ago

that AND the lady who endlessly wants champagne.

Its also a continous quest.

Hockeydud192711d ago

Pixelated Sausage? Your joking right?