Gears 3 Release soon. First Person in line already ?!?!

That’s right someone is already in line for the Gears 3 release that happens next week Wednesday.

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WolfLeBlack2715d ago

I'm not actually sure whether I should be saddened by this or impressed :O

That's dedication to Gears, but.... a week?! Really?

omi25p2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

This is how i imagine him being

Army_of_Darkness2715d ago

sure I can understand wanting a game on the first day it releases, but COOOOME OOOOON!!???

BeOneWithTheGun2715d ago

I slept, and by that I mean I stood freezing my ass off, the night before the 360 launch. This, er, little much.

Brownghost2715d ago

"Its like waiting for Christmas, times a thousand". I loved that episode

guitarded772715d ago

He does know Amazon has release day shipping for 99 cents... right?

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fluffydelusions2715d ago

Yeah what's the point in this especially if you preordered? I will go get it at midnight.

JoGam2715d ago

Being in line this early?!?....It aint that deep.

limewax2715d ago

Saddened, Apparently this person had nothing better to do with this next week but stand outside a shop and glance at his watch aprrox 35,000-50,000 times.

Sucks to be him/her I guess

limewax2715d ago

Didn't read the article since I pretty much got the idea of the majority of info it could give me in the title, let alone caption underneath. Thought if I am not going to read the article I may as well put the option just in case, lot of girl gamers are pretty into gears

egidem2715d ago

Never underestimate the willpower and dedication that some gamers have.

Cliffy is the one who said that the easter egg in Gears of War 3 will take months, if not years to find. Wait until the game is released and see how people will find it in no time.

catguykyou2714d ago

Lol, I already know what it is and it is really off the wall to get, takes a lot of steps but is crazy rewarding.

S_C2715d ago

Got one word for this person - SAD ..... End of

catguykyou2715d ago

While he waits, I sit at home playing a legit copy of the game. Good to have a wife in the industry.

BeOneWithTheGun2715d ago

I hate you. Just kidding. No, I really do hate you. :)

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Godchild10202715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

That guy hasn't been there for 36 hours. I don't care, no game is worth staying outside on a line for a week, NO GAME!

That guy has went home and fell a sleep within those 36 hours. His phone and his other devices may have died since then as well. Joke video!?!?!

EDIT: I should drive over there and see if he is still there and let him know how smart I think he is.

xPhearR3dx2715d ago

You never know. He could have friends that charge his stuff for him, bring him food, etc. Just because no game isn't worth staying outside in like for a week to you, doesn't mean someone else feels the same way. People are fucking crazy. I live in NYC, I can see someone doing this. People do crazy shit here all the time lol

Godchild10202715d ago

I live in NYC. So, I know crazy stuff happens all the time, but really a week before the game releases? Does the guy have no job or something? If he doesn't he should be using that time to go look for one. To each their own. I have better things to do than to be at a retailer store a week before a game releases.

xPhearR3dx2715d ago

I've been seeing a lot of people taking off 1-2 weeks just to play the game. I agree with you though, I have much better things to do besides camp outside a store for a week lol

I believe people did the same crap when the 360/PS3 launched. Not sure if it was a week, but it was at least 3-4 days.

ThatCanadianGuy2715d ago

GOW 3? Kinda late for that no? Kratos came out last year ^_^

_Aarix_2715d ago

If the article involves xbox or gears then gow means gears of war. If an article involves sony or the playstaion or whatever, then its god of war. If its both..then god help us all.

GameOn2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yeah Guy. Try to keep up.

Dart892715d ago

I believe its spelled GEOW3.

Convas2715d ago

If you knew anything about acronyms, you'd know that GOW can stand for both Gears of War and God of War. They BOTH are applicable.

But of course, due to your blindness on account of console loyalty, you refuse to obey even known linguistic laws.

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