All New Skyward Sword Info from Game Informer

Gamertag Radio writes: "Here's new details about Skyward Sword from Game Informer's October issue."

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EcoSos32716d ago

Now thats is worth the money i spend on it.

mike1up2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


Sounds like a Masterpiece in the making. But apparently a lot of things have changed: no compass, upgrades, stamina meter etc..

MartinGlow2715d ago

The fact that you can upgrade every single item you get (the 3 types of shields, all times you collect, even potions!) is really a testament to how much more enticing this game will be. If any series needs a change up, it's Zelda. I see the changes as a step in the right direction.

AWBrawler2716d ago

Epic Zelda game here. very Epic

DanteLinkX2716d ago

Well, what can I say, this will be GOTY!