Dead Island Saved Game Glitch FAQ

PSLS writes: "Early adopters of Dead Island have been battling with dozens of reported issues since the game released earlier in the month. As with some of Bethesda’s games, these glitches range from the noticeable and sometimes comical to directly wearing down the game experience. One of the most notable known issues causes auto-saves to cease, completely stripping players of hours of work. After some thorough investigation, we’ve found the culprit, and have devised an FAQ to help people understand the root of the problem, and better yet, how to avoid it."

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doctorstrange2720d ago

But I'm gonna try and hold off for a month. If not, I'll follow this to ensure I don't get screwed over.

BigWoopMagazine2720d ago

I'd return it if I can, and then buy it later at a cheaper price. Why hang on to it for full price if you're not gonna play it?

Ares842720d ago

If he already has it, what is the point in returning it? There are no stores that will take back an open game and give you a full refund.

BigWoopMagazine2720d ago

Ahhhhh.... so don't do the very thing that was my entire reason for picking this game up? Playing co-op, that is. Well, that's a big fat pass until it's patched then.

insertcoin2720d ago

Blergh... I'm going to have to go the New Vegas route and wait until they patch this game up before I buy it.

Faztkiller2720d ago

what sucks is the game IMO is boring as hell singleplayer and it never lets me join a co-op game and when I try I lose all my progress

Pintheshadows2720d ago

Same here and the single player isn't great. I had a weird bug earlier where a looter rubber banded everywhere. It was more funny than tragic.

Legion2720d ago

It mentions the issue and fix for PS3. Is the same issue occurring on Xbox and will the fix work for it too?

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