Britxbox: Madden NFL 12 Review

Kieran Helps writes: "Despite all that has gone on to affect the NFL’s off-season this year, with lockouts and disputes, the one thing that was never in doubt was that EA, celebrating 20 years of EA Sports, would be churning out another cow to bring in more cash. Thankfully this year they have delivered on what they have been saying all year long, and brought out a football game with a much more solid gameplay experience.

Overall, Madden 12 is definitely a markedly improved game, with the new animations and AI upgrade making it play more realistically. It’s just a shame that with all these yearly additions there are ample other sports titles from EA receiving an overhaul year in year out, and yet Madden fans are always left wanting more, and waiting in hope to see what next year will bring far too soon."

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