Britxbox: Driver: San Francisco Review

Andy Gardiner writes: "Who can explain exactly why something is fun? The feeling it gives you when you’re in the midst of it? The anticipation that comes when you are about to begin? Or maybe the sense of fulfilment you get from completion? Well, all of these are crucial in making it fun, but there is no other game on the market that gets you thinking and smashing stuff up like this one does. It's a combination that adds up to quite the funfest!!!

With a robust multiplayer mode and a great single player experience, Driver: San Francisco is one of the best car games to be released for a long time. Yes, the story is short, and as much of a shame that it is it’s also forgivable because of the amount of fun on offer. Anyone who liked Burnout should pick up this title as it is easily one of the most enjoyable games released this year."

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