Do We Want Nintendo to Fail?

Justin Lacey isn't sure if he is frustrated more by Nintendo's mistakes or the anger level of its critics.

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WhiteLightning2716d ago

No but they made a huge mistake with the 3DS and they need to know that they've done are they supposed to learn anything.

Others just miss the old Nintendo from back in the day since the new Nintendo seem too big headed

ronin4life2716d ago

Nintendo hasn't changed. The entire mentality of the gaming industry has.
If people didn't want Nintendo to fail, than the stories bashing them would sound more insightful and analytical, but they almost never do.
They're just filled with snarky critiscism, clear bias and propaganda like rhetoric (is that spelled right?).
Go to Kotaku and read some of their stories on the matter. Jim also, of destructoid.

darthv722716d ago

the 3ds is doing good despite people getting up in arms over this new circle pad add-on. I would think they would include it with the first game for those who want the game and need the pad. Then I can see them selling it by itself for those who want it for other games.

Interesting approach though. A wireless pad interface with the 3ds and powere by a single AAA battery. I also like how it give the 3ds some thickness to help hold and play better.

If anything i can see this being made into a wii-u controller for certain games. That would be neat.

Those that want nintendo to fail are saying so because of their long time run in the top spot for handhelds. The psp shook things up but regardless of the technical specs....its all about the games. DS had games the psp crowd probably wouldnt have appealed to which is why they were on the ds.

The same will happen with the 3ds and vita games. Sure both will get multiplatform games but it will be the quirky ones that sets each other apart. I dont want nintendo to fail. I'd like to see the return of sega if they did however.

Mario4life2716d ago

i doubt most people want nintendo to fail, the 10% minority on the internet always has a way to seem like the 90% of the internet if people wanted nintendo to fail there wouldnt being any sales of software/hardware, etc.

Army_of_Darkness2716d ago

It seems to me that this Gen, anything thats not made in the U.S( like microsoft) gets bashed in some type of way, form or time. Do I like the Wii?! hellz NO! but do I want Nintendo to fail?! F$#K no! I want microsoft to:D

ronin4life2716d ago

I don't like Kotaku either, mostly because of their 3DS news.
I don't see how WhiteLightnigs comment was blocked. I mentioned Kotaku, and he replied about Kotaku.
Seems on topic to me...

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TheMyst2716d ago

It's just like SONY after the PS2. Remember how the media treated the PS3? They wanted it to fail so bad and now we're seeing the same thing. After absolutely dominating with the DS, the media wants to see Nintendo fall.

-Alpha2716d ago

Depends on what you call the media.

A large majority of the "media" on N4G are just kids with a website trying to cash in on the controversy. Also, I see a lot of senseless bias by people in the comment sections.

There is clear reason to criticize Nintendo, but I see some of that go overboard

ATi_Elite2716d ago

What's a Nintendo? Just Kidding as my hand still hurts from their stupid square controllers for the NES.

No i don't wanna see them fail but just get their crap together and stop releasing new hand held models every two months.

Also for once make a more Mature themed Zelda to put all other RPG's to shame. Sure Zelda is cool as is but man a Zelda game that has no kiddie marketing involved would be SO GRAND!!

mike1up2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Zelda's not an RPG. Also, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is rated T (i am not sure how mature you expect them to go).

Completely agree with you on the "new handheld every 2 months" though.

yewles12716d ago

Shoe, meet other foot.

fluffydelusions2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Not me but I'm sure some fanboys would. I don't think a lot of gamers today were around when Nintendo were great (80's/early 90's). They need to go back to their roots.

White-Sharingan2716d ago

Just because Nintendo was great in the 90's and saved the video game industry in the 80's, does not mean that you should look the other way when they make stupid decisions.

HeavenlySnipes2716d ago

I kinda want to go back to the good ole days when Nintendo had all the best shit. I mean, are there any Nintendo fanboys? (Other than Darkcharizard....)

I hope with the WiiU they bring new IPs along with them

IAmTheTruth2716d ago

Nintendo never "saved the gaming industry", that's just a overblown statement Nintendo fans always talk about, even though it's grossly inaccurate.

EcoSos32716d ago

No but many others do, but there opinion i dont care.

Hicken2716d ago

Idiots do. There are always idiots out there who want a game to bomb because they don't like the company's new direction, or hope a system fails.

As much as I hate CoD, I don't want the games to tank. And I don't hate Nintendo at all, so why would I desire their failure? People's livelihoods depend on these things, and as someone who was jobless is this crap economy, I really don't wish that on anybody.

JsonHenry2716d ago

I don't. I would like them to make a product I am interested in though.

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