Modern Warfare 3: Remote controlled turret gameplay

SystemLink: We've found some Modern Warfare 3 gameplay on YouTube showing something that may just prove to be rather controversial. Narrated by CODGameplay, the video centres around a player who has just set up a turret; but not just any turret..."

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evrfighter2717d ago

When you're used to jumping in a turret and taking out a cobra or a havoc or an f18 ...this really is meh.

JBSleek2717d ago

I'm too excited for this game. Me and my friends will put days into the game. I'm glad private matches have many more options for more fun. Can't wait!!! Between MW3 and Uncharted 3 I will have no life in November.

MidnytRain2717d ago

Well, you're enjoying yourself. That's life well spent if you ask me.

fluffydelusions2717d ago

Yeah, I'll be buying MW3 but this remote controlled turret doesn't seem very interesting.

Xenial2717d ago

I really am not sure if i want to spend $60 on this. I already have this pre-ordered but looking at a lot of the vids. this just doesn't feel new. Might put my pre-order on Skyrim instead and get this later.

Getowned2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

same i might pick up MW3 down the line but i want to see how well it dose firs.But i would definitely switch my preorder to Skyrim just for the sole fact we get Call of duty every year but what we don't get is Elderscrolls as often and tbh Skyrim looks amazing. what i have pre-ordered is Darksouls,Batman:ac going to pick up BF3 and Skyrim(might preorder) on release.

jimmywolf2717d ago

agree 60 plus elite service is turning me off but game still looks like it can be fun to play down the road if things work out for them an the new service

Raven_Nomad2717d ago

Looking good, glad to see they are improving and still adding new things into the Modern Warfare franchise!

trenso12717d ago

Ganna cancel my pre-order or this tomorrow and get it t a later date perhaps just doesnt feel new and i think i could get psn+ or U3

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