Capcom, Are You Serious? RE: Revelations Newest Character & Why I Don't Like It

Game Podunk blogger, DoctorStrangeLove writes, "So, there are a lot of game companies out there that use sex appeal to sell their products. I certainly don't have a problem with all that, seeing some cleavage isn't going to turn me into a rapist anymore than seeing a guy get cut in half will turn me into a murderer.

But there is a very real point where it all becomes a little too much to bare, and I believe Capcom is running as fast as it can to reach that point."

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WhiteLightning2713d ago

As I've said before I don't see why Capcom keep adding new pointless characters when they could use old fan favorites which havent been used in ages. <Cough Cough> Barry and Rebbeca. Chris and Jill could be together and then Barry and Rebbeca.

Although I don't see why Capcom can't just make a game with Chris and Jill together. Is it that hard.....

chanmasta2713d ago

This is basically a rip-off of the article on Kotaku about the same thing.