Nintendo 3DS Troll Be Trolling

"The 3DS stinks." Now that's what I call journalistic integrity!

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KDermod2717d ago

U mad bro? trollface.png

...ok, barring the stupid internetz joke-- it's interesting to note the use of trolling as a way to gather internet traffic. Note the recent hubbub over the Jon Finkel Dating Drama as a way to get hits. Is this any more or less ethical than the mainstream (or lamestream, lullzzzzz) media pulling the same stuff?

matgrowcott2717d ago

It's no more or no less ethical because it's exactly the same.

You only have to read the AOL homepage to see that no matter which sector people write for, the goal is the same. The other week they ran a story with a headline like "Celebrity dies in plane crash." I'm paraphrasing, so may be wrong. The picture was of the crash itself, but on reading the article you discovered it was actually a Swedish(?) celebrity unheard of outside of his home country.

And I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it's not our fault as journalists. It's a reaction to exactly what the reader wants, exactly what gets people clicking. We have to provide a product and when our readership starts wanting intelligent critique and well balanced argument, the industry will evolve to provide.

blaktek2717d ago

This "tricks for hits" habit has been around for years, now. Long enough for a whole generation of "journalists" to rise and live by that habit.

If the audience changes and wants factual articles, will the new generation be able to evolve ? Will the veterans be able to revert back ?

Will the profession even be able to recognize the need for that evolution ?

I'm actually quite curious of your view on this. As a journalist.

matgrowcott2716d ago


They'll definitely be able to evolve (as a group - some people would be left behind) because, if they don't, people will stop visiting their site/reading their paper.

But the idea is that we'll never be able to get a decent chance to test out that evolution any way, because the reader will probably never want to have more than shocking headlines, angry misquotes and top 10 lists.

It's a cycle.

Let me give an extreme example here. When the News of the World closed down after the hacking scandal, the last edition of their paper completely sold out. 4.5 million papers made, 4.5 million papers sold.

After weeks of angry people demanding it be shut down, after murder victims and their families had had their phones hacked and their privacy illegally invaded, all it took was a little controversy and the sales soared.

I honestly think there are some great sites out there at the minute, some really unique ideas and some brilliant up-and-coming writers, but the chances are most people will never hear of them, let alone read their work.

dbjj120882717d ago

I love when knee-jerk fanboy reactions get into mainstream media.

NeoBasch2717d ago

The sad thing is people had a right to complain. People were just looking for more reasons to buy into the handheld. Understandable, but the thing is Nintendo brought all that and more at this year's TGS. Maybe not this year, but the 3DS will sure as hell take off in 2012. So many games.

It's sad because the media won't suck it up and eat their crow in peace. They'll do anything to tear down Nintendo just to see themselves proven right. I really am starting to believe that mainstream media over here in the states want Nintendo and Sony to fail so Microsoft can dominate as it's simply American.

BigWoopMagazine2717d ago

Well, I didn't know who Rebecca Greenfield was until today, and I still don't care about her opinion... so... yeah. This is why I don't read Atlantic Wire for my video game news

D3stinySm4sher2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

"and when our readership starts wanting intelligent critique and well balanced argument, the industry will evolve to provide."

Aw, snap. That just happened. I would say this is the same case for the gaming world and games themselves as a series of products.

As someone who used to write for GoNintendo, I can sadly attest that the site would often post trolling articles - as in, articles about other people smack-talking Nintendo products - because this gathered a lot of traffic on the site.

kma2k2717d ago

Im amazed someone dosent have that troll pic as an avatar on n4g!

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