PS3 60GB out of stock at Circuit City

Circuit City this week sold out of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 through its online division to signal closer depletion of nationwide stock for the former hardware SKU.

On Thurs., held an out of stock status for the 60GB PS3. The product debuted in Nov. 2006 as the more popular PS3 SKU next to the 20GB version at launch.

A quick check of stores in Southern California revealed no stock at several in-store locations.

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TheGamer4928d ago

Bloodmask submitting a pro ps3 story. Maybe the tide's turning around.

Danja4928d ago

well there really isn't ne negative PS3 news these days ..and I think the tides started to turn the minute the PS3 launched...the tsunami is now approaching..!!!


ruibing4928d ago

I see the 80GB as the most attractive offer Sony has now with a bundled game and everything, so I don't think 60GB running out of stock is going to impact anything. If you take a quick look at Amazon bestsellers for console hardware, you see both 80GB and 40GB leading 360 consoles, who are followed closely by PS2 consoles.

lawman11084928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

As you can see they have PLENTY.


LeonSKennedy4Life4928d ago

That doesn't look like a store...

I mean, the image is sort of blurry.

Are you sure that's not the worldwide stock of Wii's for Christmas?

rofldings4928d ago

he's just trying to win that money. ;o

the m$ blood flows within him.

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TrickyChicky884928d ago

Everyone this holiday will definitly buy the PS3. Its the perfect present!! Playstation has been around forever and stupid X box needs to go away. I had an X box one time and the dumb thing heated up and quit working. So hopefully this X mas people will buy the PS3, for it will be a better choice than the lousy xbox.

sabbath4204928d ago

Lame. No one will buy a ps3 this xmas every1 wants a 360 or a wii. Or the ultimate combo, a wii60. XBOX will never go away trickychicky88.

Violater4928d ago

does it really make a difference if a console sells or not?
Does it take food out of your plate?
Does it make the games you play any better, I'm trying to understand what makes you fanboys so rabid.

antoinetm4928d ago

well.. actually yeah it does...

viral marketing --> massing brainwashing --> hopefully bigger sales
--> studio support --> better games

Tho, if the ps3 fanboys were doing their job properly maybe capcom wouldn't have canceled monster hunter on the ps. and MAYBE several games would still be exclusives.

AhH! Damn those fanboys they arent aggressive enough!

jahcure4928d ago

I put off buying a second ps3 for my brother citing that i'd get it closer to christmas time. Walmart, target and now CC in my area are now all sold out of 60s. There's still best buy but i'm not risking the wait. I'll pick one up this weekend

va_bank4928d ago

I went looking for Assassin's Creed on Wednesday and the 2 BestBuys and a Target all had them in stock. This is in NJ.

fredy4928d ago

been on Clearance the past 6 months?

no surprises here...

LeonSKennedy4Life4928d ago

If by clearance you mean 500 dollars...then, yes...

vloeistof4928d ago

i think sony will do well this xmas. but i think it will do VERY well next year with all its big titels ready . o pleas let final fantasy xiii and a next gen jak and daxter be out before or around xmas 08.

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The story is too old to be commented.