A new Pokemon game to be revealed on the 18th of September?

Junichi Masuda will be appearing on Pokemon Smash, a television show in Japan on the 18th of September to make a big announcement.

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52pickup2716d ago

We already know what the game may probably be... PokePark 2

Kamikaze1352716d ago

That can't be it. It was already revealed on Corocoro comics and at Ninteno's pre TGS event

EcoSos32716d ago

Its another announce we wasn't expecting (a new pokemon dungeon)

MoreRPG2715d ago

pokemon grey for the 3ds with two regions and rematch with the gym leaders

A7XEric2715d ago

That WOULD be awesome, but knowing Nintendo it's just going to be some garbage spin-off game that they put together in 6 months as usual.

yabhero2715d ago

me rocking back and forth ' F**K yes F**k yes

Giru0172715d ago

Not to be a pessimist or anything, but I just really don't see where they can go form here with this franchise. I mean, are they just gonna keep on adding 100 pokemons?

adnanrules2715d ago

na its not always about the number of pokemon its the stuff there is to do, the depth, the changes which make a huge difference to stats, abilities, moves that you would have for your pokemon. People dont get how in depth pokemon really is. black and white did many of those things including a really good way of telling the story, it was also different not exactly the same formula as always. Black and White was amazing but so fresh in many ways, while adding even more depth and all new strategies for all pokemon, new and existing, Gamefreak you guys smash it, those are some of the reasons why your games sell so well EVERY time

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